Some days you just need little reminders, honesty, a loaf size bread squishy, too many adorable pens, and a few hours of alone time.

This vintage floral print is giving my newest bag all the 1970s bridesmaid/1980s barbie feels πŸ’•

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Making Bag by Anna Graham – Making, issue No. 6 / Black & White.


It’s been far too warm to work on anything big, so lately it’s been all about the littles.

Little bunny in a linen dress.

Little gummy bear stitch marker, next to a little dpn cozy, stuffed in a little project bag.

Little sock cast on, using that little gummy stitch marker,

or maybe the happy little fruit loop?

Little crochet flower to match my bigger than little English Garden pouch.

Little weird movies & stills for instagram. Not sure if these warm days melted my mind, because yeah…

(literally those fruits were meh)