lessons and change

I don’t have a green thumb, sometimes I wish I did/think I should (both my mom & sis have gorgeous greenery tucked in every nook throughout their homes and my dad is a wizard outdoors, he spent much of his younger days taking care of a nursery) but I can’t get over the little flying bugs that come along with growing things inside, and I never know how much water is too much or too little, is it turning yellow because it’s dried up or drowned out?!? My mom insists I can do it and will often send me home with cuttings or little babies baby off of her plants, she always believes in me as moms always do ♥ but we both know inevitably I will kill it.
Plants are beautiful, but maybe aren’t my thing and that’s ok.


It’s always Honeycrisps, always, 100% of the time, there were even years when the supply was so small at MN orchards (this was before you could walk into any store and get them anytime of year) that the growers would only allow us to have 1 bag!
Lesson:  More things, not just apples should be handled this way, always making sure everyone gets a little, so no one person gets a lot ♥

how about them apples .. much like me, nowhere near perfect .. but on the inside, just as sweet 💕 . . . . #pie #honest #withyou #cider #donttakeitforgranted #orchard #applesauce ##life #eats #findwhatfeelsgood #cottagelife #instafood #fall #picoftheday #cozy #real #farmhouse #seekthesimplicity#mindtheminimal #littlewonders #bakersofinstagram #foodie #instamood #amandaochocki #farm #slowliving #goodlife

.but this year the Sweet Tangos were beyond belief, crisp and so insanely sweet, that when we tasted a honey right afterwards, it tasted like flavorless crunchy water!
Lesson: Give different things a chance, don’t always stick with the usual because it’s your usual, you might just miss out on the sweetest thing ♥

We ate apples,  mailed MN caramel ones to our girl in MA, shared a piece pecan pie in the front seat (eaten with a broken plastic fork, found in the glove box) and we saw the most amazing roses ♥
Lesson: You can close your eyes and live blindly or you can crack life wide open and spread love as far as you can.
I don’t often do BIG things in BIG ways, but I do a lot of tiny things in subtle ways. I’ve found as I get older I need a bit more magnification, a closer look and because I found the cutest reading glasses, I needed to stitch up a just as cute fabric holster for them to live in and because all of this made me feel very much like an adult, I channeled my 6th grade self and bought some scented lip gloss in a little tin.  Strangest thing that little lip balm, you would think “Original Bubble” would mean bubble gum right? Wrong, it smells just like Mr. Bubble the bubble bath, SO WEIRD and yet weirdly appealing!
Lesson: It’s ok to act/feel like a kid sometimes (like with lip gloss), but when it comes to BIGGER things, you need to be a BIGGER person, looking for all the things that make us alike, understanding that the subtle differences are what will make us better and welcoming all of it into our humanity is what will ultimately make us whole. Each of us evolving, growing, becoming more self-aware, knowing what we do (even sometimes tiny things) can have a good/bad impact on everything, everyone, everywhere. We need to push the buttons of possibility in all of us, for the good of all of us. Just because you are the loudest doesn’t mean you are right and just because like-minded cruelty/humor gets you laughter doesn’t mean it’s right and just because you don’t understand, doesn’t mean you can’t be understanding. Be your truest self always, because it’s the person you choose to be when no one is there to notice, that will define you. The nostalgia of the way things used to be is fine for postcards (and lip gloss) but in order to grow and be great we need to actually respect, allow and welcome change.

half heart

I didn’t “need” another blush, but I kinda “NEEDED” this blush, the packaging totally brought me back to the memories of playing with my grandmas ornate AVON glamour compacts and at the same time stirring the 1980s kid in me and my love of plastic charms, solid perfume lockets & lip gloss tins!

My rosy cheeks didn’t stop there, I also restocked with NARS Orgasm (which happens to be the perfect shade of pinky gold shimmer) ..oh and 3 Urban Decay Afterglow pans in obsessed, crush and quiver 💕

..who knew I was such a makeup hoar, or how much I obviously needed to look like I’d just been sexed up (what’s with the names!?)

Speaking of pink crushes.. I was making such good progress on my Ruvene, when I realized I got lazy with my stitches, my backside cable ruts were a wanky slopped up mess and I started to doubt my ability to make a clean transition or even knit properly ..I don’t know, maybe I was just overly critical, looking for any excuse to guiltlessly rip this out. Two things: I love the simplicity of this pattern, it’s beautiful, but I have such a problem with knits (especially scarves) that have such an obvious wrong side. I would be spending all my days wearing it fussing with the placement :(

 I’ve queued 2 other giant blanket like scarves, one is DRYS (same designer as Ruvene) and the other is Endless Wrap (a name that might be more literal than I think?), both are super gorgeous and I hope a little more “reversible” ..but am I thinking realistically about this, can I wear these worsted weight beasts? I mean, I run HOT, like sit close enough and I will slightly toast you, I’m a little oven HOT and I would need to buy wool, oh wool, the stash is already OUT.OF.HAND ..blurg

oh the woes of a perfectly flush wool monger

..now I just need more pie and a shower 💕