behind on being behind

I’m having one of those days/weeks/months.

The house shrubbery has gone secret garden, which is kinda normal for us, because we are lazy gardeners and just keep saying “overgrown and wild is a style”.

..but we are having our house painted and need to trim it all back. I don’t know if we just never thought that we would ever need to paint the house, because holy crap, years ago we planted SO MANY baby crimson barberry ..who would have thought that the pygmy variety would grow up to have 6 foot long attitude filled tentacles all ready to rip your damn arm off! faaahuck we suck at nature!

plus side the lilacs are in bloom ♥

My Starting Point MKAL is still exactly laid out like this, zero cakes, zero knits and we are on clue three :(  ..worst yet, I keep looking at the spoiler thread and feeling guilty ..but not enough to actually start. (mostly because I peeked and now the mystery is gone) ..wonk

Still feeling behind in general with these, because they took over 3 months to finish and now I’m wondering if this will be my normal sock making timeline? ..ugh figures.. BUT YAY CUTE SOCKS!

I was trying to have zero stash accumulation this year ..this could not be helped tho.

How did I not know about these mints for 80 some years!? I’m officially addicted to grandma breath and eating these like they are my pac-man power up pills!

note to self:

Normally when I have prized cuts, I squirrel them away (like most of my prized things) but recently, I’ve been trying to use more of what I love everyday, for everyday things. A little while ago I made some crazy beautiful bias tape, just because 💕

normally when I have prized cuts, I squirrel them away .. but, I've been trying to use more of what I love everyday, for everyday things .. made some crazy beautiful bias tape, just because 💕. . . . . #biastape #sewcialists #sewing #riflepaperco #textiles #cottonandsteel #makersvillage #slowfashion #stitching #cottonandsteelcloset #amandaochocki #widn #floral #handsandhustle #sewaholic #picoftheday #minimalist #riflepapercofabric #isew #fashion ##flowerstagram #slowliving #photography #makersgonnamake #darlingmovement #seekthesimplicity #Ilovesewing #knittersofinstagram #handmadeforever #quilting

Why is it when something feels super special, ultra lux, limited edition or in short supply, we tend to triple wrap it and hold onto it tight as hell, afraid to use it, scuff it, break it, love it? When really, in doing that, we aren’t getting ANY joy from having it, so why even have it!?! I don’t often find myself thinking ” Wow,  I really love that, it feels good knowing that I appreciate it so much so that I never take it out look at it, wear it or hold it”. In fact it’s usually the opposite for me, most things hidden away are forgotten or creep out as a guilty thought every now and then ..kinda sad.
It was actually liberating to use that special Rifle Paper fat quarter for something that at the time seemed wasteful and unworthy of its specialness.

..and then I go one step further, and actually use the super special bias tape, made from the super special piece of fabric to make a super special Stowe Bag and pouch!
Granted I had made two other Stowe Bags out of “less special” fabric before I made this one, just to make sure the sewing kinks were worked out ..haha I can’t help it, I know I would have beat myself up, if I f’d up the bag with the super special fabric! Gads would you look at that logo, even the Rifle Paper edge selvages are too pretty!

I really miss having a fabric shop downtown, so when I stumble upon a "traditional" quilt shop and they end up having a pretty excellent selection of @cottonandsteel, I tend to go a little bananas yo' . . . . #sewcialists #sewing #riflepaperco #textiles #cottonandsteel #makersvillage #slowfashion #stitching #fabric #cottonandsteelcloset #amandaochocki #floral #handsandhustle #sewaholic #makersgonnamake #picoftheday #minimalist #riflepapercofabric #isew #fashion ##flowerstagram #slowliving #photography #livefolk #darlingmovement #seekthesimplicity #Ilovesewing #knittersofinstagram #handmadeforever #quilting
..oh and then I go and find a little local quilt shop who sells the super special fabric, so  I triple treated myself, cut into it straight away and it was liberating!