winter things


Even though we live on the mostly flat prairie, we do have some really beautiful limestone bluffs and driving through the winding carved out roads is so lovely this time of year.

I never did get around to having a candy cane before the holidays were over, and now that the tree is down and the cheer is all packed up, the mood has completely passed. They’ll lay in a pile on the table until I’m sick of looking at them. I always think next year I’m not buying them, I’m NOT ..but then I fall for their nostalgic cuteness and dollar a box lure as soon as the seasonal aisle starts taking shape in late September. The grandma thrift in me has even tried to store the leftover canes till next year ..don’t ever do that.

Besides being kinder, gentler and more understanding in 2018, my goal is still one of working through & loving my yarn stash. I’m not setting limits or pre-building in guilt (because let’s face it I’m gonna buy yarn) but instead I’m trying to be less impulsive when making purchases and only bring in things that I truly adore. I’m also trying to change how I think of my beautiful XXL stash, fingering is not only fingering, but when doubled can be a light worsted, weaving my ideal length of scarf roughly uses 800 yards of fingering or 500 yards of worsted. I can mix and match weights and colors to create new weights and new colors, I am only limited by my own limits 💕

Starting off first things first, holding double strands of worsted to make a chunky cable knit hat and sipping on a cold creamy chai (even though we haven’t been out of single digit temps, I always prefer my drinks iced, my already overly hot bod can’t handle hot drinks in any season :)

..exactly kiki..

I can’t even remember the last time I knit this big, it mostly goes back to that hot body thing and the practicality of wearing fire. It’s also been a while since I’ve had a hat pattern smack me so hard I dropped everything and cast on for it right away (I hoard patterns too!) ..but the idea of using 2x the amount of stash yarn has this girl who can barely stand a jacket, contemplating all the double stranded woolies!

(On a side note, does this pom-pom make my hat look too commercial? Lex said she loved the hat, but didn’t love the pom-pom because it made it look like something you could buy in a retail store …what?!? I know memade is “on trend” and fast fashion is jumping all over the handmade look with bulky knits and leather tags on brims, but never did I think their mimicking of slow fashion style would make me question the commercialization of a flipping faux fur pom that I ACTUALLY MADE!)
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Project Bag: Field Bag by Fringe Supply Co.
 Stash Yarn circa 2014: Hollywood by Cascade Yarns
Sadly this super washwool with holo sparkle carded right into the wool is discontinued :(


these colors & that cat 💕




Kiki is our sometimes sweet\sometimes salty, cranky old lady cat. We adopted her three years ago when she was 8, and it took over a year for her to find her purr. She had a rough life before us, and has a chipped fang to prove how hard knock she was. She tucks in, fetches on her own terms, drives a homemade cat bus and is obsessed with bags. Lovingly known as the dark bite, baby kaiju or baby Godzilla, she’s oversized, on a restricted holistic diet (so she’s always a little hangry), lumpy, full of tortitude and mostly black (but for a few cream blotches, pink toe beans and in the right light some cinnamon patches). She lurks in the shadows and dark corners because she is the house sentry ..and because she has an eye condition that keeps her pupils always dilated, so in addition to always being big eyes adorable, she sometimes completely loses her mind thinking she sees things (which is also kinda aborable 💕).

“you are not a bad cat.
You are not a good cat.
You are good and bad.
And bad and good.
You are a mixed-up cat.
What you need is a good home.
Then you will be good.’ ”
― Esther AverillThe Fire Cat