I love utilitarian simplicity, subtle textures and muddy colors. My life is calm & quiet, I am perfectly content being a bore ♥

I like to make things that remind me of home, of childhood or that have a classic enduring elegance and cozy vintage charm. I like to create and share things that people will love, find completely clever or strangely appealing.

I love crafting with my hands – sewing, embroidery, weaving, knitting & crochet, soap making, sketching, painting, sculpting, cooking/baking, anything artsy. I’m more of an accessory/necessity crafter…small and satisfying. I tend to get completely obsessed about the little details!

I also love collecting – vintage buttons, Victorian & black and white photos, fabric all sorts, knit, crochet & sewing supplies, crochet/knit & sewing pattern/leaflets/booklets from the 30s- today, Japanese craft books & other crazy cute Asian import stuff, swatch watches, costume jewelry & bakelite bangles, striped scarves, pincushions, old printer wood blocks & type, flour/feed sacks, depression era household items, toys and children’s novelties, anything old-timey that’s endearingly sweet, cool, creepy or weird.

Other things I love – my perfectly charms me book loving, writer, vinyl collecting, mostly jazz guy, kind hearted, coffee first, home brewer, nerdy, love of my life husband and my all the best parts of us, smart, compassionate, opinionated, screen printing, animal loving, veggy eating, politically correct, cute thing obsessed, love of my life daughter, my 1890s home, not your average pens, pencils & letterpress stationary, buttered popcorn, rotary phones, sewing simple dresses & complex project bags, squishies and other slow rise fake food softies, slimes and foams, teeth, auctions, anything with glitter & sparkles, minimalist planners & notebooks, hand pressing one of a kind pin back buttons, embroidered tea towels & pillowcases, making quirky novelty charms and stitch markers, learning new skills, documentaries, shortbread cookies & white bakery cake with white frosting, sockyarn, the entire Dover pictorial archive, banana chai bubble tea, scissors, music, natural fibers, spearmint, cuckoo clocks, my tries to be good rotten dog and bitchy cat, good pots and pans, organization, rice cookers, snow, settling in, aprons, musicals & plays, chinese food, miniatures, good lighting, pickles, electric bread & postage stamps. “start a revolution, stop hating your body”.

I prefer salty to sweet.

Things I dislike – big box stores, sweating, peas, theater in the round, houseplants, dog hair, seafood, reality tv..most tv, wine, eye twitches, hot drinks, religion, lotion, cigarette smoke, bugs, potlucks & humidity.

I also constantly contradict myself…so all this may not still hold true tomorrow.

Got Questions? chalklegs@yahoo.com

8 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. You’re funny – even if you don’t like seafood. I would love to be able to get back to my dollhouse – but now it’s too late for me. I do, however, love love love your creativity and enjoy very much your eye candy.

    Thank you ever so much! Stay safe and healthy.

    I don’t know why I love miniatures – and always wanted to knit tiny things – or crochet tiny things. Tiny stitches. Interesting that being ambidextrous: when painting and using broad strokes, I use my right hand. When in need of tiny details, I use my left hand.


    1. Gosh, I don’t know how this got lost in my blog messages void! Thank you Marny, glad to have a fellow miniature lover along. So awesome you’re ambidextrous! I remember as a kid thinking I could train/force myself to be ..but it never worked!


      1. I broke my right wrist in Nov 2019 – and the because of covid-19 they stopped the PT mid-March2020. The only good thing – I can write left-handed and most other things. The worse was the ‘ahem’ toilet area – my left arm seemed too short. Hmmmm.

        Opening jars was a challenge – but any pullup can that fit in the top drawer and then the drawer held with my hip – got the can opened! No one to help me to do those things – solo living has its drawbacks. Friends did help with taking me to stores since I couldn’t drive until case was off.

        You’re far from a bore!


  2. Hello, you sound a lot like me right down to the dog and bitchy cat.I am content with all I have and home is the most excellent place of all,I very much like your creations.


  3. It began with a pen… Who knew while looking for a refill for my Micro ceramic pen I would find my twin, my spiritual doppelganger, my mirror self. I am a 69 year old Black woman who grew up in Cleveland, OH and now lives in Iowa (huh?), loves homey/handmade crafts, all things Japanese, classical music and classic rock, deep cushions, honey tea and sunrises, moss and lichens (I pet ferns), shelf organizers, block prints and print fabrics, and MY try to be good dog and bitchy cat. I’m so glad to have found your site and a host of like-minded friends. Can’t wait to try new things, especially banana chai bubble tea!



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