Never Greener

Following us home, 66° on the prarie backroads.

To: Me

From: Me


I unpicked the drawstring channel and removed the twill handle, this bag is taller than usual and it was just flopping around.

“Yes, yes,” I’d rather have a bossy Tom Nook annoyingly flopping around anyways.

Homemade coconut raisin granola with walnuts and chia, slightly under roasted so it’s still got some chew, mixing in the raisins and coconut after it’s out of the oven, but still warm.

Sometimes when we make homemade granola, we take it slow, keeping it natural using local maple syrup and honey, other times we take the absolute easiest route and use regular old store bought pancake syrup. There are no rules.

Catching the end of lilac season, and the beginning of spider season.

2 thoughts on “Never Greener

  1. Wow, sure miss that profusion of MN-sized lilacs, like when I lived in St. Paul. Incredibly, there is an elderly, scrawny lilac bush outside my bedroom window which produced a handful of small blossoms weeks ago, here in Cornville, AZ (next to Sedona). Enjoy them for me.


    1. 💗 I’m glad you still get to enjoy some even if they are just little scrawy ones! Our bushes are always late bloomers and it’s been chilly recently prolonging them just a smidge longer than usual.



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