garter, lace & roses

Some of my favorite things to make consist mostly of simple shapes, dense garter stitch

or intricate lace worked up thick and topped with tiny delicately crocheted roses.

Sometimes I’ll take the same but different lovey idea,

and make baby sized garter and plumped up flowers for days.

Always in my favorite beigey hues true for my wool picks and often my lipsticks πŸ’•

I am …


a pockets on everything (sewing)


dangly charm bracelet wearing

wool hoarder.

Who appreciates a semi-tidy, lightly stuffed with “options” knitting bag, complete with a second fold-away bag tucked inside just incase of acquisitions/overflow, sprinkle in a few torn out magazine perfume samples for added smelling pleasure (that slow sock is kicking my buns, but is made just a little more tolerable because it smells so damn good!)


and top it all off with a tiny black house brooch reminiscent of my tiny black house and you’ll find me utterly content.Β πŸ’•

Tell me, what makes you endlessly happy?