saving daylight


Early morning, animal crackers, iced coffee and odd sock knitting.


10am, stitching.


Midday, putting away a few weeks worth of accumulated wool wear.


It’s 12:45pm and the mirrors are clean (so-many-frickin-mirrors!)


There is still a fair bit of snow pack, but the days are getting milder and slowly the shoveled walking paths are widening, snowmen melting. March can end up being really snowy, but today, right now, the sun is bright, the air is fresh and I’m thinking of warmer weather 💕

(Completely over looking the inevitable sloppy spring muddy months and the bunnies who have already started pooping on every inch of exposed grass.)

lots & lots


Apparently I’m a hoarder of semi-useful things..


like craft books


like pens (and sometimes pencils too)


like stitch markers that revolve around snacks, sweets, and cute dough things (I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting the ideal slice of buttered toast & food with faces)


like knitting needles & notions (miss you Nancy Z 💕)


like makeup.. omfg like makeup, I am trying desperately to get it down to a core base, but I probably will forever have too many shades of the same nude lipstick.

– hardcore caboodle-ing since the 80’s