a year

A birthday book and the makings of an anniversary mask. It’s hard to remember back to the beginning, back a whole year, a year of getting caught up and overwhelmed and angry in the sadness of it all. A year tucked away with my little family, lucky enough to have what we need and time enough to adjust to learn to do life differently. I don’t know, so much emotion is bunched up inside, and it sounds cheesy to say I’m different because of it, better for it, but it kind of feels like that, out growing myself in ways I didn’t even realize were necessary.

A year of using what I have, like taking fabric that I once made into curtains and recycling it into a bouquet for my face, finally (almost) using up that entire giant spool of black elastic that I bought years ago for making my “Midori” style planners.

A year of trying so many different flat metal flexible things wrapped in duct tape just to get a good nose seal, “wrapped in duct tape” because I sewed them into place INSIDE the mask and didn’t want it to rust when washed ..this was before I realized I could sew a little sleeve on the OUTSIDE of the mask and make the metal nose piece removable (lightbulb) and also before actual metal nose bars were a thing you could buy.

A year of sewing matching masks for my parents ♡

Mask upgrade in three pictures, here’s that little sewn sleeve so you can remove the metal nose piece prior to washing, it’s pretty much my most impressive trick right now. ♡

A lifetime supply of the softest ear friendly elastic and metal nose pieces.

A year of trying my best ♡

Lesson in 10 pictures

I will just start by saying, I am a monogamous knitter, I just am, just as I am a slow poke English knitter. I’ve tried to be the opposite of these two things and it just takes away the joy of making for me.  I have tried to start multiple projects but the guilt, stress and loss of interest in juggling wips is enough to have me sit and do nothing.

I have tried to “speed” myself up continentally and have come to understand, I don’t want to speed up the process, I like the slow build, I like the mediative movements, the even stitches and few hiccups I encounter because I am focused and paying attention. For these same reasons I am also not a public/social knitter, and that is OK, we are all OK, no matter what your preferences (in tools, habits, yarn choices or projects) as long as you are making what makes you feel good, you are perfect, don’t let anyone tell you different.

The yarn was 2 years in stash holding, a souvenir from Boston, and a little more rustic (aka scratchy) than I usually like, but I fell hard for the color and the idea that this wool would at some point become something wonderful.

Yes, it’s a little weird shaped, sure, I’ve never made, let alone worn an A-line cowl, but I was 100% committed to trying. While I’m still not sure I love this or hate this or if I can even comfortably wear it without being smothered (I might be a legit itchy hot mess), it felt good to try something new, push my boundaries, refine my opinions, expand my cold weather wearables and inch just a little closer to knowing and understanding what makes me happy.

Oh yeah, this makes me happy. 💕

whole lotta makin

Remake of an old favorite the LaMar Hat ♥

A little red & white scratchy Knitting,

making a new favorite the Harper Hat

Started making this cowl twice, such a lovely pattern Siesta ♥, but I just can’t seem to find the perfect yarn :( which stinks because now I’m pissy with it ..double :((

..I think I may need sparkle!?!

Made another Fade (twice actually, once ripped) that’s why the yarn is already wound up double, I didn’t like the cream at the brim or the 1 x 1 rib. I just kept thinking how grimy gross a cream brim would get and the cream totally highlighted my crappy 1 x 1 ribbing :(

Much better with a dark “can’t tell it’s dirty” brim in 2 x 2 rib, but it ended up too guy for me and to girl for my guy :/ ..although it was deliciously soft in an alpaca bamboo blend!

So in an effort to sway Jason to love this, I over dyed it blue ..haha fool! ..umm still no ..maybe it was my description of it being deliciously soft?