coming back to me

I’m usually so good at documenting my projects, even/especially the boring bits (I love capturing average everyday moments), but I think I just got caught up in all the terrible things going on everywhere that I just emotionally worked through the first sock without even blinking. So we’re beginning with the necessary rewinding of theContinue reading “coming back to me”


It usually starts with a bag, because I love sewing just as much as I love knitting (especially green gingham ..I also really love matching pens & pencils too). Sometimes there’s a middle of the road stitch marker swap, doughnuts for hearts, because lately I love making cute stitch markers just as much as IContinue reading “Afterthoughts”

Late August

The changing light softens my rush, slow knits and murky colors are now filling my thoughts. I’m ready to breathe again, life’s been slightly uncomfortable and filled with much too much stuff. I only have the tiniest of sock toes to show. The oaks are shedding and the squirrels are bickering about it. Again withContinue reading “Late August”