small starts

It’s been kind of chilly here lately, we’ve had an occasional muggy day, but it’s mostly been rain and semi sunlit gloom. I don’t mind, I’ll take a cozy knitting day with a shawl in my lap over wilting heat. I’m still slowly working through my stash yarn, still slowly working through the way it sometimes feels daunting and discouraging to do so. Trying to understand why it feels limiting, or like nothing is the right choice or that somethings are too precious/rare to use ..I’m so over feeling guilty for things that make me happy, do it, use them. I sorted out a mellow strawberry fade with some stash favorites (heehawed overed winding them, because once you break skein you’re f’ing committed) and started a Powder and Dust shawl ..and I love it.

We made rhubarb cream cake, laughed at how cute little Lex was, and how tiny me was/is just a small girl version of my dad. I turned candy garbage into a candy badge just because I could, spent some time in the studio doing chalklegs stuff, including sculpting up a few more chubby gummy bear & tag along heart stitch markers for a small shop restock. Mostly enjoying making small starts on the bigger things ..Oh, and I ate a muffin bottom, I don’t ever eat bread butts, or edge pieces on anything, I am strictly a middle person ..progress đź’•

Rhubarb Cream Cake
1 box yellow cake mix
3-4 cups rhubarb chopped
1cup heavy whipping cream
1cup sugar

Make yellow cake as directed on box, pour into a greased 9″x13″ pan, top with rhubarb, sprinkle 1 cup sugar over top fruit, drizzle 1 cup cream over entire top (DO NOT MIX) bake at 350° 40-45 min. Let cool, then store in the fridge. All the fruit and cream sink to the bottom during the bake and create this amazing custard cream layer, this is best served chilled.

You can use fresh or frozen rhubarb (pictured was leftover from last year’s harvest) if using frozen, let defrost and drain off excess liquid, but do not squeeze fruit, you want some juice!


Some days you just need little reminders, honesty, a loaf size bread squishy, too many adorable pens, and a few hours of alone time.

This vintage floral print is giving my newest bag all the 1970s bridesmaid/1980s barbie feels đź’•

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Making Bag by Anna Graham – Making, issue No. 6 / Black & White.

living on popcorn â™Ą

 definitely fall . love the season change . don’t mind the leaves

 We used to rake, bag and haul load after load to the local compost, blisters, dusty leaf crunch in every cuff and fold, cold rosy cheeks but still somehow sweaty ..ugh I’ll pass! Allowing ourselves to relax towards the outdoors has made us more conscientious yard keeps, loving our nature very natural, no sprays, no bags, no extra muss or fuss, mulch mowing and minor trimming are about the extent of our fall clean up ..because really the continual chorale hum of the neighborhood leaf blowers association is outrageous at times. (real phenomenon – fake association)
Shut the windows, turn up the volume and eat more popcorn ♥

Ok ..obviously I’m going to go off on a popcorn tangent, because really it’s one of my most favorite foods and I’m kind of passionate about it (seriously). I’m popcorn particular, just ask Jason the master corn popper ..aka stove slave! I waver between white and yellow, crunch factor/salt ratio/oil all need to be 100% in balance, always popcorn salt (because it’s micro fine and sticks!), almost always coconut oil (because YUM!). I used to love eating the half popped old maids, but now that job has passed to Lex and her young teeth. I like it slightly “done” not to the point of burnt, but I am good with some tan pieces. I have been known to have a popcorn supper, stovetop popping only (well, the locally made Nordic Ware microwave popcorn bowl was a complete game changer for me ♥). When I was a kid my mom would save the pan drippings from breakfast and that night I would make my dad popcorn with the bacon grease (childhood me loved it, sitting with my dad on the couch shoving in salty handfuls, adult me is kind of nauseated at the thought, but also kind of curious what it would taste like now?). I passed the popcorn love to Lex (minus the bacon grease), so many years snuggled up on the couch shoving in handfuls together ♥

My new popcorn buddy, kiki the popcorn cat (she smells it and comes running).  She is popcorn particular too, she only likes the puffy ends. We have a little popcorn farmer just 15 min west of us that grows and handpicks roughly 2,000 lbs each season, so fresh perfect corn is always available ♥ (Clem’s)

Leave the leaves, snuggle in and make some memories xox