life on repeat

Wood needles & wooden yarn, another Ranunculus cast on, this one in lacy eco friendly tencel. The Lykke Driftwoods are giving this slippery knit just enough enjoyable drag. Iced coffee, always. Swedish wooden shoes, more specifically: Cola brown Audubon Clogs by Troentorp. Floral sundress made from a thrifted sheet. I left the sweet piped hem onContinue reading “life on repeat”

Life at 1/6th

I went here, to the fabric shop in my little town… Because I needed to make these… For this beautiful iron doll bed… It’s so incredibly well made, all by hand, welded solid and sturdy (1/6th is playscale, Barbie and Blythe size). You can buy miniature sheets and mattresses online, but at $30 a set thatContinue reading “Life at 1/6th”

Bed Linens

I love a beautiful bed, I see them at stores and in magazines and imagine falling onto a big billowy pile of fluffy cotton wonderful. Crisp eyelet lace, white on white antique iron beds, piled high with grandmas quilts, a ridiculous amount of squishy pillows, a fantastic high bed you have to crawl up onto, aContinue reading “Bed Linens”