sometimes handmade

Most days I’m a sleeveless, shapeless, shift dress and a cardigan, today I have sleeves and a cowl ..a slow fashion linen wrinkle, just trying to do my best, to be my best, so I can give my best.

It’s Me Made May, a month where handmade clothes and ethical fashion are the topic. Taking a moment to recognize who makes our clothes, who benefits or who suffers from our decisions. The intent is not to shame old habits, but to guide us to better ones, gently reminding us to step away from trend buying, understand where the components of our lives come from, where they really go when we are done with them, and to make educated, respectful choices when we can.

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Fitting, a small batch of handmade Frozen Charlottes on my work bench today.

3 seconds of spring

We woke to sun and the street sweeps buzzing about and thought for a moment “SPRING!” but that was soon wiped away with a slap of sleeting snow that the weatherman called graupel, which lead to a quizzical look from Jason and a shared “wth did the weatherman just say” moment, which then lead to a google search..

Graupel (German pronunciation: [ˈɡʁaʊpəl]; English /ˈɡrpəl/, also called soft hail or snow pellets)

So ok, yeah, it graupeled (sp?) today and I feel a tad smarter and a smidge more German for new words!

Worn blue jean NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE in a graupel storm?

There is definitely not any graupel in this picture.. my little sweet potato all sacked up like a spring present ♥ and she’ll be home in about a month!

Spring rabbits ..again caught in a graupel storm!

(in all honesty Miss Maggie was made quite awhile ago for a special someone, so technically she was pre-graupel)

..and for no reason other than making me completely happy

everyday needs more Koigu 
..and proving I basically spend my days in a knitters candy shop!

koigu kpppm, now with added graupel!