life on repeat


Wood needles & wooden yarn, another Ranunculus cast on, this one in lacy eco friendly tencel. The Lykke Driftwoods are giving this slippery knit just enough enjoyable drag.


Iced coffee, always.


Swedish wooden shoes, more specifically: Cola brown Audubon Clogs by Troentorp.


Floral sundress made from a thrifted sheet. I left the sweet piped hem on the bottom and now I’m not entirely sure if this has just enough Half Pint (Laura Ingalls) potato sack cuteness or if it’s coming off as an outdated “modest” maternity look?

(p.s I’m not pregnant)


Kiki say, it’s so hot out, all we can do is sit inside and keep watch on the neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “life on repeat

  1. Love,love,lone the cotton print dress! I vote Laura Ingall’s-ish.And iced coffee…well, that’s a basic summer food group!



    1. Thanks Julie 💗 I’m gonna just embrace it, I don’t know why I tend to avoid prints or why I feel more on display when I where them ..this is a pretty tame floral 🌹

      I agree, give me all the iced coffee, but sometimes I have to limit myself! My husband calls it my Hulk juice and I kinda agree, I can get a little edgy 😠(haha)



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