Life at 1/6th

I went here…

Because I needed to make these…

A good friend made a proposition… she would supply the insanely gorgeous iron doll beds (we had both been lusting after on Etsy) if I would make the mattress, pillows and all the bedding! …um …YES! The bed is pricy, but is so incredibly well made, all by hand, welded solid and sturdy (1/6th is playscale, Barbie and Blythe size). You can buy miniature sheets and mattresses from some Etsy sellers as well, but at $30 a set that could easily get out of budget quickly! Making them myself, allows me to be super picky about the finishing & quality, I can design them exactly how I want, in whatever fabric I wish …cripes I may need a dolly linen closet (I swear I’m not weird!)

Give me a few days and after drafting patterns over and over, sample making, fabric shopping and working out all the kinks for a perfect fit,  I arrived at wonderful! I am so pleased with how they came out, and a little shocked at the perfectness of them! The pictures are of the sets I sent to my dear friend, vintage hankie coverlets and wooly plaid blankets included! Sweet Dreams girls ♥

Then I made this… (for me ..but Lex will probably steal it :)

…nothing better than gorgeous stitchery in fatty aran ..thick like pancakes ♥
The Pattern: Cabernet Hat – aran by Monika Sirna.

Making that lead to making these…

I scaled the Cabernet Hat pattern down (because I love a challenge) then used tiny wool and tiny needles x 2 for me and one for you ♥

The dress is a modified (made just a smidge larger and longer) garter edge version of the Lati Yello Dress by Shelley Selwood.

eek it’s so cute! I am completely in love with tiny things!!

Potholder Circus

You might remember every year around this time I participate in the annual potholder swap over on Ravelry and every year I go on a pattern rampage, trying to find the “one”, I even sleuth throughout the year looking for awesome patterns for the next year, and every year I forego all my previous must-makes & past favorites and search out something brand new! …sometimes I can’t be satisfied with ready made patterns I have to make my own, adapting and mashing together several different ideas to come up with something completely me, something I adore ..when I have trouble parting with it, I know it’s the “one”!

 It’s a little Scandinavian cookie-ish, slightly jammie dodger esque, topped off with a sweetly petite black licorice trim ♥

An all black back gives it the perfect amount of angst!

I know, I know black!? ACK ..but it’s just right for hiding any slops, spills or scorch and I really love the contrast ♥
(I tried to photograph it, but honestly ended up just looking like a cartoon hole)

Some of the “sample” potholders from my 2012-2013 potholder trials

Snail Shell Pot Stand (pattern: Double Thick Place Mat and Coaster or Pot Stand by Thomasina Cummings)

Lily Pie Potholder (pattern: White Lily Blanketby Lena Fedotova)

Pinky Pie (pattern: Flower Potholder by Sónia Maria)

Owl Cook (pattern: Hoot by Julia Madill)

Over the years I have made potholders of all shapes and sizes, and in all weights of cotton.

They are some of my favorite kitchen things to make and gift, because they are as uniquely beautiful, as they are utterly useful ♥ I want to spread the potholder love (and also clear out some space in the art room!) so I have loaded up my etsy shop with some of my unique, classic, one of a kind samples! (yes the meat potholder is up for grabs!