Life at 1/6th

I went here, to the fabric shop in my little town… Because I needed to make these… For this beautiful iron doll bed… It’s so incredibly well made, all by hand, welded solid and sturdy (1/6th is playscale, Barbie and Blythe size). You can buy miniature sheets and mattresses online, but at $30 a set thatContinue reading “Life at 1/6th”

Potholder Circus

You might remember every year around this time I participate in the annual potholder swap over on Ravelry and every year I go on a pattern rampage, trying to find the “one”, I even sleuth throughout the year looking for awesome patterns for the next year, and every year I forego all my previous must-makes & past favorites and search out something brandContinue reading “Potholder Circus”