Life at 1/6th

I went here…

Because I needed to make these…

A good friend made a proposition… she would supply the insanely gorgeous iron doll beds (we had both been lusting after on Etsy) if I would make the mattress, pillows and all the bedding! …um …YES! The bed is pricy, but is so incredibly well made, all by hand, welded solid and sturdy (1/6th is playscale, Barbie and Blythe size). You can buy miniature sheets and mattresses from some Etsy sellers as well, but at $30 a set that could easily get out of budget quickly! Making them myself, allows me to be super picky about the finishing & quality, I can design them exactly how I want, in whatever fabric I wish …cripes I may need a dolly linen closet (I swear I’m not weird!)

Give me a few days and after drafting patterns over and over, sample making, fabric shopping and working out all the kinks for a perfect fit,  I arrived at wonderful! I am so pleased with how they came out, and a little shocked at the perfectness of them! The pictures are of the sets I sent to my dear friend, vintage hankie coverlets and wooly plaid blankets included! Sweet Dreams girls ♥

Then I made this… (for me ..but Lex will probably steal it :)

…nothing better than gorgeous stitchery in fatty aran ..thick like pancakes ♥
The Pattern: Cabernet Hat – aran by Monika Sirna.

Making that lead to making these…

I scaled the Cabernet Hat pattern down (because I love a challenge) then used tiny wool and tiny needles x 2 for me and one for you ♥

The dress is a modified (made just a smidge larger and longer) garter edge version of the Lati Yello Dress by Shelley Selwood.

eek it’s so cute! I am completely in love with tiny things!!

7 thoughts on “Life at 1/6th

  1. Your work is outstanding! The bed and your linens are just too stinking cute for words! And then you make a lovely hat…and then you miniaturize it so beautifully! You inspire me!

  2. So, so adorable. I love your Blythe linens. It is truly an art to make the tiny things.
    I’d just made bedding for my girls, and I had a few struggles at the sewing machine that gave me a new appreciation for all things made in miniature.

    1. ugh tell me about it, living large and sewing tiny is really quite hard! I am still struggling with sewing perfect little dolly couture ..there has to be some trick that I am missing!!

  3. ……I’m so thrilled with my gorgeous tiny bedding that you made Amanda!!! ♥ You went WaY beyond my imagination. Your sewing skills are second to none, truly AWESOME! The tiny detail and thought that went into each piece humbles me. I can’t say Thank You enough, you crazy sweet wonderful woman!!!! The stunning knit dress and hat was a cherry on top of the best dolly sweets EVER ♥ xoxoxo


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