Bed Linens

I love a beautiful bed, I see them showcased at stores and in magazines and imagine falling onto a big billowy pile of fluffy cotton wonderful. Crisp eyelet lace, white on white antique iron beds, piled high with grandmas quilts, a ridiculous amount of squishy pillows, a fantastic high bed you have to crawl up onto…a bed that makes me feel tiny, like I have just been swallowed up.

But bedding is outrageously expensive. So to get everything I want, I sometimes make my own.

I have been collecting vintage sheets & linens for a long time. Sometimes I use them as intended, sometimes I make them into bags or aprons and sometimes I turn them into other bedish things like quilts & pillows. Sheets are such a great deal, you can find amazing patterns & colors, you get tons of yardage for the money (shop the clearance section or look at thrift shops). I ♥ 100% cotton, because of how it feels, the crumply look it gets with use and how it sounds when it’s rustled.

In addition to collecting linens I have a habit of picking up cotton or wool blankets if they are inexpensive, they make perfect guts for tie quilts they are often much cheaper than cotton or wool batting. I wouldn’t recommend using another blanket for the innards of a quilt that you want to actually quilt on but if you tie your layers, its perfect. You wont have the worries of the batting bunching up or separating and it will give you the weight of a good solid blanket…to me nothing is better in the dead of winter than a heavy blanket that feels like it’s smothering me. Craftstylish has a simple tutorial for making your own sweet tie quilts using flat sheets.

On my quest to the lovely bed I have made many pillows all shapes and sizes, what I have learned is…I am not an accent throw pillow kind of person. I don’t want pillows around that are just constantly being moved out of the way.  I want a pillow to wrap my arms around & snuggle into, a pillow that mushes down to become an excellent cushion. So to add lovely splashes of delight to our bed, the couch, that chair over there, I have been making happy little pillowcases using You Go Girl! posh pillowcase tutorial. It creates a pocket pillow cover in any gorgeous fabric or sheeting you like, trimmed out with a romantic crochet lace edging or if you don’t crochet you could trim it out by sewing on a bit of fancy lace or leave it plain. I’ve been using standard size bed pillows (in place of throw pillows) and they look just as charming on my couch as they do on my bed.

All cozy, in the calm comfort…

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