collection of thoughts

Life is a jumble, a little bit of everything, a little bit of nothing, quiet peace with bursts of chaos, hurt that slowly softens, profound and stupid and terrible and wonderful all at once.

Taking it all in, giving everything its moment, because we are all different, but the same, we are all nothing more than a jumbled collection of lots and lots of little bits, profound, and stupid, and terrible and wonderful all at once.



It’s been far too warm to work on anything big, so lately it’s been all about the littles.

Little bunny in a linen dress.

Little gummy bear stitch marker, next to a little dpn cozy, stuffed in a little project bag.

Little sock cast on, using that little gummy stitch marker,

or maybe the happy little fruit loop?

Little crochet flower to match my bigger than little English Garden pouch.

Little weird movies & stills for instagram. Not sure if these warm days melted my mind, because yeah…

(literally those fruits were meh)