Some Things


I picked this up on the side of the road, it’s an old hospital/institution chest of drawers, heavy metal, baby blue and Jason’s eyes bugged out of his head when I said I wanted it upstairs in my studio. (The pulls were replaced at some point and they are so weird!)


I picked this up in the clearance section, it’s the perfect pink, extra bulky, tee-shirt material and also so weird!


I picked this up for a future crochet hook hybrid idea, it’s a tiny, cute, rubbery mini square automatic pencil, but I’m not entirely sure what the guts look like or if it will even work as a hook holder and I’m torn because it is so tiny, and so cute and so rubbery and it just so happens to fit perfectly in my knitting notions pouch.


I picked this up because it’s a half eaten, candy sprinkled, mini doughnut on ball chain and I’m a slow rise squishie food addict. (also a real doughnut addict)

nars blush

I picked this up after I had a sample crush, it’s a rose gold, pinky peach, horribly named blushy bronzer and I finally cracked into the full size …hey lookie my apples are glowing!

wool & hook

There is just something about texture that crochet does effortlessly.

• Organic Cotton & .10¢ Hook •

• Dyed In The Wool & Hamanaka 7/0 4mm Hook •

• Koigu Kpppm & Classic Susan Bates 4mm Hook •

• Madelinetosh & Hamanaka Ami-Ami 4mm Hook •


• More Random Flowers & New Ominous House Color •

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