It’s been far too warm to work on anything big, so lately it’s been all about the littles.


Little bunny in a linen dress.


Little gummy bear stitch marker, next to a little dpn cozy, stuffed in a little project bag.


Little sock cast on, using that little gummy stitch marker,


or maybe the happy little fruit loop?


Little crochet flower to match my bigger than little English Garden pouch.


Little weird movies & stills for instagram. Not sure if these warm days melted my mind, because yeah…

(literally those fruits were meh)


the facts


These birdseye maple floors were trapped under orange shag carpet when we moved in.

A chubby Arctic narwhal in a sweater is a little more than half the size of a skein of English wool, if you include his tooth, he’s bigger.

That’s a bag shaped basket, full of bags. It’s funny, the baskets body has a faux knitted texture, and the bags inside are for actual real knitting.


A gift of small batch, minimal impact English wool, given to me from my friend in Nevada (who also made me the chubby Arctic narwhal).

That little English sheep looks sad.


We needed new footstools, I swear the extra yarn storage was an added bonus. I can fit 62, 100g skeins of wool inside, are you happy now little English sheep?

I store my wool with scented soap chunks, my wool smells flipping amazing.


Kiki weights as much as 81 skeins of English wool.