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I had one of those moments, where it felt like I had been sewing for so long without a pattern, that I completely forgot how to sew from a pattern! This is my first make from Flora (Making Magazine), a sweet little Petal Pouch 💕 ..that curved zip kicked my buns (TWICE!) note my wonky top stitches. I made the large clutch size, but considering blowing it up even bigger to house my knitting, so in love with this check! 

If you’re curious how I make my labels, it’s totally a recycle reuse hack, I take old  Tyvek envelopes and cute them into little rectangles (or whatever size/shape I need) then stamp or draw on them with waterproof ink (I like using Micron pens for drawing and StazOn for stamping) and then you can just stitch them in the seams or right on the front of your project! Sometimes I use images, sometimes just words, there are also loads of places to get custom logo stamps made, so you can have them be very professional too. They have the feel of commercial clothing, mattress or pillow tags, but unlike those, these little tags are so industrial strong, you can’t rip them off without seam ripping first (that’s a plus and a minus, because they are slippery little buggers, so watch they don’t shift during sewing!) They also have a minimal simplicity that I love. The one above was a white envelope that I colored with fabric markers to a perfect shade of pink ♥ oh they also don’t like the iron, never iron them!

After the humbling curved zipper incident, I decided to make a little zip pouch out of a candy wrapper, just to remind myself that I really can do anything. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be rules and you don’t have to use things as intended. Oh and I also designed another stitch marker strap ♥

I prefer to make my firsts out of unbleached organic cotton, which is weird because I have a HUGE calico and print fabric stash, I think it’s because I can see and understand the little details without being distracted or romanced by a beautiful print and I can honestly tell if I love or hate something with out being all “awwww I love that print .. gush gush” (talkin to you petal pouch!)

fisrt stowe bag (2).JPG

Ok, now I’m gonna gush ..THIS FRICKIN BAG..  I think I’m in love ♥ you can totally tell the Stowe Bag pattern was a collaborative effort between Fringe Supply Co. & Grainline Studio, it has a lot the details I love about my Fringe Field bag (roomy interior, pockets and more pockets!) but this one has handles and I can make it myself!! It is unlined, so I chose to work french seams on the sides and bottom (I flat felled the side ones), they are a little bulky, but they do help with the internal structure of the bag (it’s built like a flat folding grocery shopper with side gussets, so those thick seams help it standup when opened), you could easily zigzag, serge or bias tape them as well. I think the next one will be mid-weight canvas, I’ve come to terms with the bulky guts and now kind of love them ♥

.. more unbleached organic cotton and some candy colored socks ..

.. more minimal simplicity and not using things as intended, the best thing about this Row Counter  by Coco Knits is that it has a metal back and if you have a nice big magnet you can literally stick it anywhere! ..


7 step hat

1st: Pick the perfect wool, not too rough, not too soft, not too bland, not too bold. This will be a pocket jamming hat, basically a no nonsense hat I can jam in my pocket or bag :)

2nd: Pick a matchy project bag, not too big, not too little, cast on a trillon, and think .. “all these tiny stitches have me living slow and steady and a little bit tweedy ♥ I’m in love”
A week later, I’m not as fond and think ..”damn all these tiny stitches and much too stabby needles, why is this taking me F.O.R.E.V.E.R! I about to lose all my shit over a simple hat!?”

3rd: .. please oh please be enough .. please be enough .. please be enough .. please ..

4th: YAY, with the littlest smidge to spare, not enough for a top pom, but that’s ok, remember this is a pocket jammer amanda.

5th: Time for a soak, I love a strong smelling wool wash, so mostly menthol, way too much eucalyptus and always spearmint.

6th: Dried it slow and flat, normally I wouldn’t block a hat flat ..but this roly poly brim many pins!

7th: Finished this gumdrop with some wooly embroidery (lazy daisies, fern fronds and french knots) not too much, not too little, it’s ever so subtle and absolutely just right ♥