Some August

We’ve had some really perfect August days, windows open and not completely melting. I can’t remember why there are fans in every window here, maybe to pull in the cool air or reversed because we burnt popcorn? I do remember sitting here looking at this view and loving our house, weird shit everywhere, so many clocks all keeping slightly different time, chalkware, moss balls, robot heros, just out of frame is a 6 foot Jango Fett wearing nerf blasters, you know home stuff.

I was looking for something else when I ran across this deep stash linen cotton blend, ahhhh such a gorgeous oat color.

Ok I know, more hooks.. but these ones are metal (aluminum), they’re cold to the touch, weighty, and tink like (no disrespect) crappy wind chimes, I only bought 3, but now regret not getting more, they sold out in a snap so there’s that.

I don’t even care, it’s a thing I do, and I’ve been on a spree.

This was the yarn I was looking for, it’s Madelinetosh Pashmina in the color Norway Spruce for a Trasnú, the pattern is a summer cross back tube top, but mine will be a fall woolly cross back apron top to wear over long sleveed dresses, like the true layer cake I am (or wish to be).


Just moving my pile from one sunny spot in the house to another.

My cute piece of porcelain popcorn is from the wonderfully quirky French ceramicist/artist monochromatiques, it’s a treat to have several of their beautiful porcelain pieces in my funny little collection.

I couldn’t get over how tied up these skeins were, granted there were no tangles, but damn.

Same bags, same progress, getting nowhere slowly. My favorite handmade bags, a Field Bag stuffed in a Wool and Wax Tote they were made for each other, oh wait they literally were.

P.S I made my Field Bag prior to there being an “official” pattern, I based it off the one I already owned. If you’d like to make one, Grainline Studio x Fringe Supply Co. have released a sewing pattern and video tutorial for the original Field Bag.

Last year I tumbled out the back of the garage, then Jason built me some giant grandma steps so it would never happen again. ♡ Oh, and the lilies are blooming!

coming back to me

I’m usually so good at documenting my projects, even/especially the boring bits (I love capturing average everyday moments), but I think I just got caught up in all the terrible things going on everywhere that I just emotionally worked through the first sock without even blinking. So we’re beginning with the necessary rewinding of the sloppy yarn cake after finishing the first sock.

Second sock 5 stripes in, nothing to add but effort.

I was going for really cute paper sack, but in heavy cotton canvas with french seams. This is ridiculously stiff cotton duck, it feels industrial, like it would be used on a boat or something, I love it.

I’ve made so many versions of this little sack, trying to get it just right, this might be my favorite one so far ..or it might be my favorite because it has my name tag on it. I’m having a love hate moment with these little f’d up peachy tags.

When I first moved out my mom gave me some of her old kitchen stuff to get us started, in the mix were a few of my grandmas dishes. Over the past 28 years some things were lost in moves, others broken, this is one of the last pieces and we still use it all the time. Featuring one of the prettiest almond danishes ever.

Sock & sack, looking good together but going nowhere slowly.

I’ve been doing so much behind the scenes junk, WordPress made some root changes which caused some formatting issues with my past blog posts and pages (for some reason my older posts get more reads than my recent ones?) ..anyways, I wanted it fixed and was told that it would have to be manually done, so I straightened up all of the posts (since 2011!), streamlined pages and links to near perfection. Yes, the website/blog looks a little different now, but it feels good and weird and timely. Hello again. 🥰

I bought tiny paintbrushes just so I could, one is a frosted peony cookie, one is a heart shaped chunk of today’s sky, neither are bigger than a fingertip.

“When giving up remove your shoes and socks for maximum effect.”

I let too much rage pass between sock 1 and 2, they are like two different socks with two different tensions, looking very similar, but feeling incredibly different. These are not my usual universal whichever foot socks, these are.. that specific one goes on your bigger foot socks.

Still using my usual sock pattern though – Emily’s Favourite Socks by Emily Foden.

It’s how we ball socks, even homemade ones.

June Energy

I disappeared and taught myself the bean stitch. Some of the best things in this photo (besides my thrifted sheet turned cult gown) are the Lego Bonsai and the lump of petrified turtle poop.

I used the Into Nature Scarf pattern to understand the bean stitch construction. It’s a lovely pattern, but I ended up not working the scarf as written, I worked it from the bottom up because I realized I wanted a true triangle shawl. The pattern as written has long narrow wings and is worked side to side.

Such a good woven look.

This is the stash yarn used (I think it might be discontinued though) it’s a aran weight acrylic, kinda splitty, but the color was fun. I don’t have a lot of worsted/aran in my stash so this was one of the very limited choices I had enough yardage of (4 balls). I think my next one will be fingering/sock weight wool, which the stash is is still bursting with and probably in some mellow cream color because that’s me.

Now that the studio is in summer mode (blistering hot) of course all I want to do is sew. Gah, all the patterns from the new Tauko Magazines are great, size inclusive and they come in full size paper pattern sheets, it’s a good read too.

Forcing myself to use these hooks more, I’ve got to stop purchasing beautiful things and never using them.

Ok, I don’t know if the combination of the bean stitch, acrylic yarn and resin hook created some sort of dark energy, (well, a fast hot friction situation might be more accurate) but after I finished I felt a slight worn groove on my hook neck where the yarn wraped, it’s not super noticeable and it could’ve of been there before I started too? is this a thing I need to worry about for cripes sake.

More dark energy.

It’s also peony season, oh and rhubarb season. ♡

This is the same Rhubarb Cream Cake I always make and you can find the recipe in this old blog post.

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