lowercase official

It took a moment or two, I’m usually all in, straight off, but for this I wanted more, I wanted just the right things to make them perfect.

I’ve been button obsessed for as long as I can remember, collecting them, trading them, pinning them to jackets, jeans, hats, bags & packs. As a kid I didn’t have any money, so most of my collection was promotional freebies, with the occasional Snoopy or Ziggy thrown in. I remember getting a library one from the Bookmobile (our small town mobile library), oh, and anyone else remember the BOOK IT Pizza Hut reading program ..I think I was mostly in it for the free badge and mini pizzas!

Fast forward 20 years and that pin love was still there, so I treated myself to a button maker, it was confusing and fumbly and inconsistent and while I had fun making my own custom pinbacks, I couldn’t produce a consistent quality badge. I loved the ones that turned out, but was frustrated at the waste to get one good. Fast forward another 15 years and here we are, my cute ideas officially on paper, an upgraded button maker, USA made parts and pieces, lovingly hand pressed one by one in my little studio.

I made it for me, because I love that question .. I made it for you, because maybe you do too ♡

Pink Moons ♡

I say “lowercase official” because I don’t plan on being a big O – Official button factory, I’m keeping it simple and handmade and mostly buttons for stitchers and makers and buttery cracker lovers.

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let me just say..

Mostly I’m a well organized mess. (gosh I love that pink lead holder ♥ )

A bag for everything and everything in its bag, sometimes even small ones in slightly larger ones.

Personal goal to use up all the scrappy bits .. first a little cashmere,

then a little wool, next a bit more cashmere, more wool and now we’re at alpaca in liquid makeup shade 0.5, you know how it is.

Lost an afternoon building a cotton NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE dishcloth, well done.

Still a perpetual hat maker who rarely wears hats, but falls deeply for the details and decreases ♥

I’ve been feeling uninspired (you might have noticed the makes all have been things I’ve made a million times over, basically my fallback type of projects, because makers gonna make) so in an effort to force inspiration, I rearranged my upstairs art room/studio (broke my ass) and realized I will never have that sparse minimalist all white IKEA plant filled creative space I see everywhere online and thought …maybe? No, pairing down is not my thing, thank you.

  I am just a little magpie .. part random collector .. part junk drawer