and another thing

Another slow knit hat, made even slower by using a pattern written for dk weight yarn, doing a little math and subbing in fingering weight. Started way back before Christmas, it toted right along side me most days, sometimes not even getting a stitch in, but it was always there just in case a moment came. πŸ’•

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Pattern: Oslo Hat by Petite Knit.

Yarn: Dia Merino Sock by Colour Adventures. (Puppy Love Colorway)

The little carved bone tapestry needle is from here, and was a gift from Lex (finding a beautiful use for an ugly byproduct is clever recycling). Oh, and I might have some cute new things coming to the Etsy shop soon, basically, if you like what I like or like what I make, now you can have some too! (mostly pinbacks, stitch markers, maybe some one off sews, destash and other charming weirdy-ness, all handmade by me in my little studio) might actually happen, I think?


The darker days of December, with their overcast filtered light are some of my favorite days.


A time for warm toast, iced coffee and cozy reads. This book may have been purchased solely based on the fact that it contains my most favorite sock knitting pattern ever (Emily’s Favourite Socks) that and the Persephone mitten pattern totally knocked me out.


The bleak landscapes of rural life in winter always get me right in the heart.





A season when the metal tools get colder, the knits plumper, the crochet more delicate and a simple candle bulb swap out for bubble lights makes the kitchen window view a little brighter.

(When I first learned to crochet all I could get my hands on were vintage workbasket patterns, I fell in love with thread crochet and making snowflakes and doilies and witching up scalding slurries of sugar starch.)


It’s also the time of year, I happily make more hats than ever.