Cute, with a pinch of rage at the end.

I just want you to know, this is being counted as the first sweater of the season.

p.s This is also an average sized sink with a tiny sweater, not a giant sink with an average sized sweater (if you were wondering).

Cardigan Pattern: Trio of Top Down Sweaters by Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits.

(Links lead to ravelry, patterns also available on the Little Cotton Rabbits website.)

Now if I were only 9″ tall Spring/Summer edition.

Dress Pattern: Seasonal Dresses, with the Peter Pan Collar add on, both from Little Cotton Rabbits.

Bunny Pattern: Bunny with a striped sweater also by Little Cotton Rabbits.

Fall/winter dream outfit from the doll closet.

Just a palm sized sweater with a petite corsage on top.

I can get 3 little cardigans from a single 25g ball of fingering weight wool.

There’s a burrow at the base of the hops arbor, it’s where we leave the rubbery radishes.

It’s been extra warm and we have been under an air quality warning for the past few days due to the Canadian wildfires, so keeping indoors with the ac on ..not that I would have been out romping around anyways, we all know how much I love mellow days at home, tucked away in my studio or on my lazy end of the couch. The pandemic is still fucking terrible too, no matter how much we are pushed to think and behave like it isn’t. I could go on and on about the anger, embarrassment, sadness, and frustration I feel for all the misinformation and ignorance whirling around, I just wish people could see it in my still masked vaccinated face. Ugh. Trying to find little bits of happiness, clarity, peace (whatever you want to call that inner calm/relaxed feeling) wherever I can lately, and sometimes that looks like a tiny sweater for a tiny bunny and sometimes it looks like nothing special, just being.

collector maker may be as simple as a shape, a color or a memory, nothing expensive, but sometimes just as priceless and irreplaceable ..a once in a life time sorta thing ya know ♥ Constantly evolving collections, things come in and things go away. Living with smashers, so often things end up broken and anything I bring in, I do so fully knowing that it may have a very short stay with me, so I love the guts out of it while I can and when I can’t anymore, I thank it for bring me joy, rip it apart and make it into something equally as beautiful but completely different.

..I’m a collector of old bits of glass and crystal ..not fancy vases, bowls or goblets, more like chandelier shards, perfume stops and doorknobs ♥ when my sister moved out of her last house, I asked if I could change out all of her glass knobs before she left, she looked at me like I was typical weird me, “why would you want them?” ..she smiled and gave me two that had been left behind on a shelf in her linen closet and were going to be re-abandoned by her! WHAT WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE THESE BEHIND!? ..two is good enough though, what would I have done with some 20 odd glass knobs? My little 1900’s farmhouse with its (sometimes rachet) brass knobs getting all fancy ..nah ♥

..I’m a maker of granny neckwear and brooches,  I’m gonna rock this or try to, in a Miss Marple kind of way ♥

..I’m a lover of every kind of grey (days included ♥)

..I’m Amanda ♥