For One Sock Only


It sometimes starts with a striped toe and a fruity loop charm. (I don’t always work toe up socks, sometimes I switch to top/cuff down. My block feet prefer a top down heel flap, but my 4 month per sock slow knitting self prefers the seemingly speedy toe up & short row heel version. Lex steals all the hand knit socks anyways, so no matter if they start as mine, they will end up hers and it just so happens she likes a short row/after thought heels.)


Moving along, not quite to the heel, this is my first self striping yarn and I loved it in the skein, hated it caked and I’m back to loving it knit up. Also switched to a blobby marshmallow charm. (I made this cutie with cold porcelain and it’s my favorite to touch, it’s like hard velvet, silky stone? ..too weird to describe, get your buns over here and rub this thing!)




At the cuff, and a ton of slow ribbing. Oh hey, I shiny glazed my peppermint candy charm!


Cast off, still love the stripe, but not the fit. I’m totally not making a second sock, moving on (look at grown up me letting it go!) I’m usually compulsive about finishing, because it’s not official until there’s a pair, but for some reason this one made me tired, I’m so over this odd sock. Bye.


P.S I recently frosted the lower ½ of the studio windows to diffuse the light a bit and more importantly so people walking/driving by can’t peep in at me being a weirdo in my space. ..such a pretty upper ½ window skyline 💕


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