whole lotta makin

Remake of an old favorite the LaMar Hat. A little red & white scratchy Knitting, making a new favorite the Harper Hat. Started making this cowl twice, such a lovely pattern Siesta, but I just can’t seem to find the perfect yarn :( which stinks because now I’m pissy with it ..double :(( ..I think I may need sparkle!?! Made another Fade (twiceContinue reading “whole lotta makin”

Mostly Happy

Checking in from planet awkward, just south of galactic center (aka) Jason’s laptop! We are in a crazy mostly happy mess of graduation speeches (Alexa is the commencement speaker), college plans, AP exams, first ever (non-volunteer, but still non-profit) job interviews, prepping our one & only for a fall move out to Boston, oral surgery (Lex needs her wisdom teethContinue reading “Mostly Happy”

Super Bag Spectacular

My first love is sewing, hard to believe when I almost always post about knitting or crochet ..right? ..well it’s true! I got my first machine at 12 or so, a heavy-duty metal Kenmore in a hard plastic carrying case. No one in my family was a seamstress, my mom would repair missing buttons andContinue reading “Super Bag Spectacular”