and then there was more…

Cripes I always do this, make loads of “samples” trying to get it just right! 

It’s frustratingly good…good because I get to work out designs & colors that have been on my mind & in my queue, freeing up mental storage :) eating away at the yarn hoard is always excellent, freaking out on sweet edgings & nerding out on the numbers gives me endless pleasure…frustrating because it’s a lot of ripping back to switch this or that up, not writing down changes I make & then swearing my way around a silly potholder, telling myself it’s a use stash only project & then wishing for colors I don’t have. Getting it perfect, then thinking WTF I now have to make 5 of these!

The mojo is there, the complete loyalty & devotion to a solitary pattern is not, although now it’s narrowed down to 2 patterns…2 lovely patterns…

No. 1

This sweet little sun hat potholder is from an old issue of Workbasket Magazine. I found a copy of it tucked inside another vintage booklet, so I am unsure of what year or issue this was originally published in (if you know pop in and tell me!) I did happen across a FREE version of it online right here!

The pattern calls for #10 thread & a 1.65mm hook, but when I made one up as directed it was a tiny 6″ across. I really wanted it a bit bigger, so I re-wound my thread into a center pull cake, that way I could hold it double (pulling one strand from the center & 1 strand from the outer) I used a 3mm hook to work the “new” thread for the front & back. Finished size is now 8″ ..perfect!

Worked this one in tea stained white thread, but it ended up looking slightly grubby..well lets just call it “creepy antique wedding dress from the attic” looking :) …kind of loving this one.

No. 2

A Japanese pouch/coin purse Pattern from the book 50 Crocheted Motifs & 22 Works, you can find the book at yesasia!

Again I used #10 thread held double & a 3mm hook to jumbo size it to 8″, but this time for the back I used worsted wt cotton to beef it up a little, I thought this was brilliant, until I tried to match the thread front to the worsted back (I’m a dope) the stitches were not 1 to 1…fussed with it forever & finally got it sorted & settled in.   

I am still lusting after the original pouch..lined with linen..oh yes..nice… I just need to get my hands on a purse frame that has a big jawbreaker/gumball twist closure!

bubble tea & a back issue of cotton time….

I have some serious devotion to Japanese craft books (they have such a woody..slightly sweet smell), while I tend to favor the crochet book variety, I do so love the hefty general craft magazines.

♥ Around 100 pages of beautiful design & aesthetics, incorporating some of my most favorite pleasurable pastimes ..sewing..quilting..embroidery & crochet all while being adorably cute, silly captioned and all around quite excellent.
 ♥ It came with a project a month wall calendar in addition to the usual pull out paper pattern sheet & mini project book inside…it is jammed full of crazy goodness, If I remember correctly I bought this over at superbuzzy.

♥ I love crochet edgings and this issue January 2009 has quite a bit of them…adorable apples, cupcakes and flatware…squirrels & mushrooms..YES PLEASE! Best of all they are charted out, making a quick & easy work up!

♥ As a kid I would of never matched outfits with my mom…still, there is something creepy & cute about these matching apron outfits. I really should of made these for us when my daughter was young.  I would of photographed us just like this…I would of loved it & she would of hated me :)

♥ Wooly needle felted gnome sweeties, these are so endearing to me. I might have to make a  mini Jason & Amanda for the holiday tree this year.

♥ I can flip through these magazines over and over again staring at the images of the rooms picking out all the perfect little bits in the pictures…this kitchen is so shabby awesome, I love that red & white potholder! Read the photo’s text “HAPPY” …this would make me happy all day long.

♥…and lastly a splendid chicken telling you the joys of subscribing…it doesn’t get any better!