The darker days of December, with their overcast filtered light are some of my favorite days. A time for warm toast, iced coffee and cozy reads. This book may have been purchased solely based on the fact that it contains my most favorite sock knitting pattern ever (Emily’s Favourite Socks) that and the Persephone mitten … Continue reading 12/4/18

handmade commercial hat

It’s my standard bag in bag situation. A slow grow, but I really love the classic simplicity of this hat, it has a clever trick and a bit of whipstitching to get the perfect hold the fold, triple thick brim. By all accounts, it appears I like to knit hats that look like ready-made hats.Continue reading “handmade commercial hat”

over thinking

So many tiny bland stitches on tiny prickly needles. Ok, this will be worth it, right? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a double brim, but 7″ of brim on 2.25mm, stop, pick up live stitches for brim, join, then several moments and rounds later, switch to 2mm and put on your 5x magnifyingContinue reading “over thinking”