Making average everyday things in yellow, the brightest yellow and sculpting tiny stuff, kinda realistic and at the same time super unrealistic egg muffins and honey bees. Toting around the sun in my oatmeal bags, thinking I should do more hand sewing because hemming the brim on the Oslo hat is so enjoyable every dangContinue reading “yellow”

Already August

It’s still mostly summer, but it’s slowly changing to that time of year when the nights are a bit cooler, windows open more often than not, and all the outside things are getting a little overgrown and I couldn’t care less. Today is pretty warm and sticky, so we’re keeping life small and portable. 💕

and another thing

Another slow knit hat, made even slower by using a pattern written for dk weight yarn, doing a little math and subbing in fingering weight. Started way back before Christmas, it toted right along side me most days, sometimes not even getting a stitch in, but it was always there just in case a momentContinue reading “and another thing”