Shetland Hat

Shell lace interrupting my day like nobody’s business. I am mostly a pattern collector – meaning I fall in love hard, buy the pattern quick, stick it on the back burner so I can finish what’s currently on my needles, and then maybe or maybe not come back to it later, but every once inContinue reading “Shetland Hat”

All Well

Hey Lex what do you think of my cute round bag? Lex – You could carry a little tire in there! This is the All Well Full Moon Bag, a free pattern from All Well Workshop. I made the the Big Moon size (9″ diameter x 3″ deep), out of some (deep stash) long forgottenContinue reading “All Well”

let me just say..

Mostly I’m a well organized mess. (gosh I love that pink lead holder) A bag for everything and everything in its bag, sometimes even small ones in slightly larger ones. Personal goal to use up all the scrappy bits .. first a little cashmere, then a little wool, next a bit more cashmere, more wool and now we’re atContinue reading “let me just say..”