Shetland Hat

Shell lace interrupting my day like nobody’s business. I am mostly a pattern collector – meaning I fall in love hard, buy the pattern quick, stick it on the back burner so I can finish what’s currently on my needles, and then maybe or maybe not come back to it later, but every once in a while I see a pattern drop and I’m like ..yeah, let’s go..

Using scrappy bits from other things in a weird color palette that I wasn’t too sure of, but actually ended up being pretty accurately me. It’s snowing, we’re making bean & tater soup, life’s alright. ♡

Pattern: Vimmer Beanie by Gudrun Johnston.

(Like the pattern states it’s definitely on the slouchy side, brim is comfy cozy fitting, while the lace work is roomy without being too unmanageable.)

All Well

Hey Lex what do you think of my cute round bag? Lex – You could carry a little tire in there!

This is the All Well Full Moon Bag, a free pattern from All Well Workshop. I made the the Big Moon size (9″ diameter x 3″ deep), out of some (deep stash) long forgotten weird printed denim.

I actually made kid Lex some pants in the late 90’s/early 00’s with this and the print is still giving me those Lizzy McGuire feels.

Over the years I’ve learned that I don’t really enjoy sewing circles, so I don’t often make things that require them, I’m not sure what it is, but they literally make me anxious while sewing.

Two deep breaths and I whizzed right through. It was actually really easy, pleasant almost, I was already in a pre-sew funk and trying to sew myself out of it, so why not distract myself further with zippers and curves. It works sometimes you know :)

I Divided the front and interior pockets to suit me and my favorite things. Then white knuckle finished all the seams in bubblegum pink bias tape.

Still debating if it needs handles (the pattern comes with handle instructions) and questioning the usability of a round bag. Doesn’t everything just settle at the middle bottom, how can you carry a book, or anything with pointy edges without it looking like your round bag swallowed something square?

It’s soooo fricken cute though and if anything I guess it’s perfect for carrying around little tires and such.

I made a quick little video of the process, I don’t even know how my wordpress site will handle/play it, but it let me upload it …so maybe?!? Anyways, if it’s a mess on here, and you’d like to watch cute videos of boring stuff, you can always find more of mine on my Instagram reels page.

let me just say..

Mostly I’m a well organized mess. (gosh I love that pink lead holder)

A bag for everything and everything in its bag, sometimes even small ones in slightly larger ones.

Personal goal to use up all the scrappy bits .. first a little cashmere,

then a little wool, next a bit more cashmere, more wool and now we’re at alpaca in liquid makeup shade 0.5, you know how it is.

Lost an afternoon building a cotton NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE dishcloth, well done.

Still a perpetual hat maker who rarely wears hats, but falls deeply for the details and decreases.


I’ve been feeling uninspired (you might have noticed the makes all have been things I’ve made a million times over, basically my fallback type of projects, because makers gonna make) so in an effort to force inspiration, I rearranged my upstairs art room/studio (broke my ass) and realized I will never have that sparse minimalist all white IKEA plant filled creative space I see everywhere online and thought …maybe? No, pairing down is not my thing, thank you.

  I’m just a little magpie .. part random collector .. part junk drawer