Holiday Baking

A baker at heart, I couldn’t help but sculpt some tiny clay versions of my favorite holiday treats đź’• (I’m also a homemade buttermint addict, but wasn’t super sure those would translate into a recognizable charm to anyone but me?!?) Gingerbread snowflakes, handmade one by one, each unique in all the world đź’• If IContinue reading “Holiday Baking”

12-9-14 things

  October brought warm wooden hats, with ornate cables gracefully carved in wool, you can’t help but continually run your hands over the deep textural braids, thick and warm. Pattern: Snowstorm Hat by Anna Rauf. November was all about marshmallowly colors and fatty cowls, so much pretty! Pattern: Flower Stitch Cowl by Thomasina Cummings Designs. December, PANDA APPLES ♥ Pattern: Amigurumi TeddyContinue reading “12-9-14 things”