12-9-14 things

  October brought warm wooden hats, with ornate cables gracefully carved in wool, you can’t help but continually run your hands over the deep textural braids, thick and warm.

Pattern: Snowstorm Hat by Anna Rauf.

November was all about marshmallowly colors and fatty cowls, so much pretty!

Pattern: Flower Stitch Cowl by Thomasina Cummings Designs.

December, PANDA APPLES ♥

Pattern: Amigurumi Teddy Ornaments by Stephanie Jessica Lau.

a functioning malfunction

I have a moody relationship with technology…I am knowledgeable, but still at its mercy. I get excited to see what is new & fresh, but at the same time don’t want to give up the old standards..yes I am looking at you dvd/vcr combo. We love the ease of digital music, but still like to have real music in our lives. My husband is passionate for vinyl, which isn’t very portable, so he converts some of his treasured LP stash to mp3s (so for him its not always about the highest quality sound he can get, its about making it mobile…a hissy, crackly mp3..seriously!) Most every stereo system in the house has radio, cassette, disc & record player and a few have ipod & thumb drive ports. Climbing into the car you can jack in your ipod or bluetooth your phones music to the car from the touch screen. Kindles connect to the wifi..roku streams netflix so we can have instant tv.

With all that we love about technology & the pleasures it brings, sometimes we still revolt against it. We don’t text, we don’t talk on the phone when we drive…shop…or anytime we have another human with us, we have smart phones that we use like plain dumb phones, we still get lost, we still use the phone book, we still manually start our car, we still shovel the snow, we still play board games, still pay some bills with checks & some of the movies we watch have to be rewound.

Sometimes it’s not our choice & the technology revolts against us. If it’s not paper jams, it’s connection issues, or errors, or upgrades…it can be maddening. But what I am finding (besides having another computer to run to) is that I can use these beyond my control tech glitches to get some other pleasurable work done, there is nothing wrong with knitting a few rows while the computer scans or boots up, right? Work on a pattern or two while my ISP is replacing my router. Dreaming of designs & color palettes whilst taking the dog out for a poo.
Busy work is good, it keeps me sound. Due to technical difficulties I acceptably fell behind (no internet) and also happily got ahead (christmas/craft queue) over the last few days.

Every year I make all the members of my family a Christmas ornament for their respective trees. This year the ornaments have an extra special meaning, these remembrance candles are for my Grandpa, who passed away last month. A sweet little remember me, that will always be lit, cherishing the memory of a life & love. ♥FRL 1928-2011 ♥

I used the Advent Candle pattern by Frankie Brown (found on ravelry only)

I’ve also made some wolly wreaths, using the Christmas Wreath Ornament pattern by Jessica Spencer (on the www & Ravelry) 

Wondering what will breakdown next & what I might be able to accomplish with out the distractions! Look at me I’m a functioning malfunction!


While impatiently waiting for my copy of 55 Christmas Balls to Knit, I stumbled onto  The NRK Norwegian Broadcasting website they had hosted a show featuring the authors of the book.

They had kindly given the basic directions for making a julekuler, along with a simple snowflake chart. THANKS Arne & Carlos! Now I can get my julekuler fix & so can you!

I can’t wait to get the actual book, it’s the same ball knitting recipe that they share on the site but I love the traditional look of Norwegian fair isle charts thought. What a perfect holiday knit and a perfect little gift. 

I went for an untraditional look & using sock yarn, it turned out right around 3” tall. I am thinking a good worsted wool would be perfect or some thick & bulky for a jumbo one!  It was wicked fast even with the fair isle colorwork. I am in the midst of working up another one with no colorwork just letting the lush yarn be the decoration.

I wanted this to smell so I stuffed it with a small cinnamon pinecone wrapped in wool roving.  I liked the weight the roving gave it (even with out the pincone) I also thought the roving would absorb the smell better and radiate the scent, more so than poly-fill. Next time I might just add a few drops of cinnamon or pepermint oil to the wool roving and skip the cone..it was a little bit of a beast to knit around that cone wad!

I tried a few different hang loop styles…just a few knotted strands..crochet..but I finally settled on an I-cord hang loop and just before I finished stitching it on I slipped on two tiny jingle bells for sweetness!

That’s it…Go get your JULEKULER on!

Update : Schachenmayr released a Downloadable Arne & Carlos Julekuler pamphlet with complete instructions HERE!