a little bit of may crochet đź’•

A little bit of travel crochet in my favorite bag with my favorite yarn. Somehow I wonked up my foot on our annual Boston adventure ..blurg :/ But now that we’re home I’m basically living the old lady life in compression stockings & icepacks, 100% lazing on the couch 100% of the time trying toContinue reading “a little bit of may crochet đź’•”

documenting less complex

I am always taking pictures of the stuff I make (mostly for a visual record, because my mental recollection is pretty pathetic). I take photos of the yarn I buy, the knits I’m working on, the balance of colors, the texture, to me it’s just as aesthetically beautiful as nature. But rarely do I document where I spend my time orContinue reading “documenting less complex”

that kind of day

..it started out a little bit wool and cashmere ..leading into loving something that for 95% of the knit, looked like a wonked up rumpled mess (blocking makes me feel so adequate!) …then fulfilling speckled yarn quota (one) (two) (three) …ending with POTATOES! (we probably got exactly 5 lbs of potatoes from the 5 lbs of seedContinue reading “that kind of day”