a little bit of may crochet đź’•

A little bit of travel crochet in my favorite bag with my favorite yarn. Somehow I wonked up my foot on our annual Boston adventure ..blurg :/ But now that we’re home I’m basically living the old lady life in compression stockings & icepacks, 100% lazing on the couch 100% of the time trying toContinue reading “a little bit of may crochet đź’•”

finding comfort

It never gets any easier leaving her behind (especially mid butterfly) but this place is less and less foreign the more and more we come, her second home, the place where she is growing into everything we ever wished and hoped she’d be, the place of finding her own philosophies, making judgment calls and soContinue reading “finding comfort”

Year Two

This was our fifth trip out and we will never get used to it taking 30+ minutes to travel a half mile. Deep in the city, Boston was beautifully in bloom, what a gorgeous view our girl had, you can almost see her waving from the 2nd floor! HI chachi  ♥ Touring around .. such architecture we will never get used to aContinue reading “Year Two”