documenting less complex

I am always taking pictures of the stuff I make (mostly for a visual record, because my mental recollection is pretty pathetic). I take photos of the yarn I buy, the knits I’m working on, the balance of colors, the texture me it’s just as aesthetically beautiful as nature.

..but rarely do I document where I spend my time or what I surround myself with. I love looking at photos trying to make out what’s in the background. Lets start something! 

DOCUMENTING LATE NIGHT KNITTING: Having a crazy huge latte in an absurdly unmanageable sized mug (actual size/no sleep tonight!) my little cart brimming with mess & ideas, all illuminated by a guaranteed to last 22.5 years led bulb (really?!?) in a now wonky lamp the cat messed up while chasing a ladybug. (that pink stick is my FAVORITE lead holder/pencil!)

DOCUMENTING 84% COMPLETE: Finally getting around to my windows 10 upgrade ..and the waiting ..realizing we seriously need to dust, made even more noticeable because of a dreaded finger swipe :/ P.S creepy clown BONUS! (Jason bought me a kitchenaid stand mixer for my birthday back in March and Lex is the only one who has ever used it (like 3 times) it lives under that quilted tent on the counter ..sorry honey ♥)

DOCUMENTING CONFESSIONS: Storage bag addicted wool hoar on a tootsie binge. (this yarn x 4 or 5 ..maybe 6)

DOCUMENTING I HAVE LOTS OF STUFF: Collecting in messy piles, I have everything I ever or never want to make! (TRUTH: I ALWAYS have to tidy up before I can get creative and then by the time I am all done tidying, I have lost the mojo, so I turn out the lights and head back downstairs to my lazy end of the couch).

DOCUMENTING MY VIEW: From the lazy end of the couch.

DOCUMENTING WHY YOU DON’T TAKE A SECOND PICTURE: Especially in the dark, especially when you are home alone and especially if you’re a natural chicken, possible chances of capturing something that will freak you out ..100%


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