Slow & Steady

There is something about working mid-weight lace that is just so pleasing, the knitting builds up quick and once done it doesn’t melt into a puddle of unrecognizable folds around your neck ūüíē no attention to the fact this took me over a year to finish..

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Cowl Pattern: Slipstream

Project Bag Pattern: Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio

(or you can get both the premade Fringe Field Bag – seen in the first photo & the sewing pattern for the Stowe Bag – seen in the last photo, at Fringe Supply Co.)





half heart

I didn’t “need” another blush, but I kinda “NEEDED” this blush, the packaging totally brought me back to the memories of playing with my grandmas ornate AVON¬†glamour compacts and at the same time stirring the 1980s kid in me and my love of plastic charms, solid perfume lockets & lip gloss tins!

My¬†rosy cheeks¬†didn’t¬†stop there, I also restocked with NARS Orgasm¬†(which¬†happens to be¬†the perfect shade¬†of¬†pinky¬†gold shimmer) ..oh¬†and 3 Urban Decay Afterglow pans in obsessed, crush and quiver ūüíē

..who knew I was such a makeup hoar, or how much¬†I obviously needed to look like I’d¬†just been sexed up¬†(what’s with the names!?)

Speaking of pink crushes.. I was making such good progress on my Ruvene, when I realized I got lazy with my stitches, my backside cable ruts were a¬†wanky slopped up¬†mess and I started to¬†doubt my ability to make a¬†clean¬†transition or even knit properly ..I don’t know,¬†maybe I was just overly critical, looking for any excuse to guiltlessly rip this out. Two things: I love the¬†simplicity of¬†this¬†pattern, it’s beautiful,¬†but I¬†have such a problem with¬†knits (especially scarves)¬†that have such an obvious wrong side. I would be spending all my days wearing it fussing with the placement :(

¬†I’ve queued 2 other giant blanket like scarves, one is DRYS (same designer as Ruvene) and the other is Endless Wrap (a name that might be more literal than I think?),¬†both are super gorgeous¬†and¬†I hope a¬†little more “reversible” ..but am I¬†thinking realistically about this, can I wear these worsted weight beasts? I mean, I run¬†HOT, like¬†sit close enough and I will slightly toast you, I’m a little oven HOT and I would need to buy wool, oh wool,¬†the stash is already¬†OUT.OF.HAND ..blurg

oh the woes of a perfectly flush wool monger I just need more pie and a shower¬†ūüíē