lots & lots

Apparently I’m a hoarder of semi-useful things.. like craft books like pens (and sometimes pencils too) like stitch markers that revolve around snacks, sweets, and cute dough things (I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting the ideal slice of buttered toast & food with faces) like knitting needles & notions (miss you Nancy ZContinue reading “lots & lots”

Lesson in 10 pictures

I will just start by saying, I am a monogamous knitter, I just am, just as I am a slow poke English knitter. I’ve tried to be the opposite of these two things and it just takes away the joy of making for me.  I have tried to start multiple projects but the guilt, stressContinue reading “Lesson in 10 pictures”

1-17-17 things

I am starting the new year off just so, with blank slates and no dates ♥ I made some notebooks and a new calendar for my planner using a lovely classic linen writing paper in the most perfect ivory hue ♥ My stapler is a shifty asshole though, so my alignment is always a littleContinue reading “1-17-17 things”