Mixed Bag

I didn’t have enough fabric for a single cut bag, so piecing together rabbits on repeat and adding rivets to outter pockets (that if it could’ve, should’ve been moved a ¼” to the right), that incorporated selvage is the cutest bit ever though. Good job you. ♡ (The outter canvas fabric is Wildwood Fable fromContinue reading “Mixed Bag”

lots & lots

Apparently I’m a hoarder of semi-useful things.. like craft books like pens (and sometimes pencils too) like stitch markers that revolve around snacks, sweets, and cute dough things (I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting the ideal slice of buttered toast & food with faces) like knitting needles & notions (miss you Nancy ZContinue reading “lots & lots”

bubble tea & a back issue of cotton time

I have some serious devotion to Japanese craft books (they have such a woody slightly sweet smell), while I tend to favor the crochet book variety, I do so love the hefty general craft magazines. Around 100 pages of beautiful design & aesthetics, incorporating some of my most favorite pleasurable pastimes, sewing, quilting, embroidery andContinue reading “bubble tea & a back issue of cotton time”