lots & lots

Apparently I’m a hoarder of semi-useful things..


like craft books


like pens (and sometimes pencils too)


like stitch markers that revolve around snacks, sweets, and cute dough things (I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting the ideal slice of buttered toast & food with faces)


like knitting needles & notions (miss you Nancy Z 💕)


like makeup.. omfg like makeup, I am trying desperately to get it down to a core base, but I probably will forever have too many shades of the same nude lipstick.

– hardcore caboodle-ing since the 80’s

8 thoughts on “lots & lots

  1. I too have been wondering if I’m honing the hoarder mentality with the craft supplies!!!! Having company for the weekend and we spent most of the time crafting and the responses I’d get when someone would say if only we had. …..blank and I’d magically pull said item out of a cubby spot waiting to be used and useful! And hearing the replies of woah you must have one of everything in here! Anyway it left me with the feeling of too much stuff, secretly after they left I reordered everything they used so I wouldn’t be out when I wanted what they had used though…..😂😂😂

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    1. I know this feeling on all levels, luckily Lex is digging through my REALLY old craft stash using up a lot of the things I lost interest in, it feels good to have some of that gone! Other things I’m like “sure you can use that” while secretly crying on the inside! Haha and yes reordering what I can 😂



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