bubble tea & a back issue of cotton time

I have some serious devotion to Japanese craft books (they have such a woody slightly sweet smell), while I tend to favor the crochet book variety, I do so love the hefty general craft magazines.

Around 100 pages of beautiful design & aesthetics, incorporating some of my most favorite pleasurable pastimes, sewing, quilting, embroidery and crochet, all while being adorably cute, silly captioned and all around quite excellent.

This one came with a project a month wall calendar in addition to the usual pull out paper pattern sheet and mini project book inside. It’s jammed full of cozy goodness, If I remember correctly I bought this over at superbuzzy.

I love crochet edgings and this issue January 2009 has quite a bit of them. Adorable apples, cupcakes and flatware look at the squirrels & mushrooms.

Best of all they are charted out, for universal understanding!

There is something charming and cute about these matching apron outfits. I really should of made these for us when my daughter was young.  I would of photographed us just like this, I would of loved it.

Wooly needle felted gnome sweeties, these are so endearing to me. I might have to make a mini Jason & Amanda for the holiday tree this year.

I can flip through these magazines over and over again staring at the images of the rooms picking out all the perfect little bits in the pictures, I love this kitchen, that red & white potholder is the best. Read the photo’s text “HAPPY” this makes me happy all day long.

Lastly a splendid chicken telling you the joys of subscribing, cute.


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