Holiday Baking

A baker at heart, I couldn’t help but sculpt some tiny clay versions of my favorite holiday treats 💕 (I’m also a homemade buttermint addict, but wasn’t super sure those would translate into a recognizable charm to anyone but me?!?)

Gingerbread snowflakes, handmade one by one, each unique in all the world 💕

If I had to pick one cookie to eat for the rest of my life it would be shortbread, sugar topped shortbreads 💕

You’re invited: Red hots & jingle bells mandatory 💕

Super limited production (only 3 ever!) of these crazy brandy butter holly topped peppermint puddings as cupcakes? 100% SWEET, but also (sadly) 100% NOT A THING or EDIBLE! 💕

Behind the scenes of a tiny cookie factory 💕


4 thoughts on “Holiday Baking

    1. Thank you Jen, they do take some time, the first few especially, with working out the kinks/process and then once I have my idea set it gets easier, but it’s all fun so I don’t mind! 😄💗



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