let me just say..

Mostly I’m a well organized mess. (gosh I love that pink lead holder ♥ )

A bag for everything and everything in its bag, sometimes even small ones in slightly larger ones.

Personal goal to use up all the scrappy bits .. first a little cashmere,

then a little wool, next a bit more cashmere, more wool and now we’re at alpaca in liquid makeup shade 0.5, you know how it is.

Lost an afternoon building a cotton NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE dishcloth, well done.

Still a perpetual hat maker who rarely wears hats, but falls deeply for the details and decreases ♥

I’ve been feeling uninspired (you might have noticed the makes all have been things I’ve made a million times over, basically my fallback type of projects, because makers gonna make) so in an effort to force inspiration, I rearranged my upstairs art room/studio (broke my ass) and realized I will never have that sparse minimalist all white IKEA plant filled creative space I see everywhere online and thought …maybe? No, pairing down is not my thing, thank you.

  I am just a little magpie .. part random collector .. part junk drawer

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