I like a tidy house, my siblings & I were raised in a very clean house by a mom who was kind of an obsessive cleaner.  I don’t think anyone LOVES to clean, I sure don’t, but you get a sort of satisfying feeling once your done and things are a bit fresher & theContinue reading ““Mr. Bundles” COTTON WASHBOARDS”


Yep, just finished one kitchen swap & onto another! This one is for DISHCLOTHS or WASHCLOTHS or SPA-CLOTHS or DISHRAGS, whatever you want to call them & however you want to use them! Last year (2011) I sent in 2 sets, just because I went on a little kitchen making spree. I have a thing for hangloops, eitherContinue reading “2012 DISHCLOTH SWAP”


I was once asked if I would keep designing buildings. Well, yes I think I just might. I do so love a good building. We spent much of our early married life in a wonderfully charming apartment building, in fact it was an old nunnery that was converted into hodgepodge apartments. We had most of the firstContinue reading “WESTSIDE APARTMENT”