five things

—–(( No.1 Rebel Princess ))—– Perfect for any scruffy little nerf herder. ♥ The pattern is a “make your own princess” security blanket, but how could I make anything other than the only princess that comes to mind! I posted my space bun/Leia hair and other adaptations on my Ravelry project page and everyone lost their minds with my rebel version, itContinue reading “five things”

Oh Pretty!

Storm brewing, we enjoy the lukewarm spring evenings and beautiful cotton candy view from the cozy shelter of the porch. I am lusty for the frosting texture, natural cotton always looks so doughy, I LOVE IT! The pattern is called Fluffy Meringue Blanket (how sweet & accurate!) I only worked the first 8 rounds to get a dishcloth size and it still turnedContinue reading “Oh Pretty!”

under + over + on

UNDER is for underpants ..yes I made a brief potholder! No pattern, just an idea that went somewhere :) OVER as in I’m all over in love with these dishcloths, they make me freaky happy!  I was nervous committing to a knit cloth for the dishcloth swap, I’m such a pokey knitter & I thought for sure I would get sick ofContinue reading “under + over + on”