Yep, just finished one kitchen swap & onto another! This one is for DISHCLOTHS or WASHCLOTHS or SPA-CLOTHS or DISHRAGS, whatever you want to call them & however you want to use them!

Last year (2011) I sent in 2 sets, just because I went on a little kitchen making spree.

I have a thing for hangloops, either built in or add on after. Top cloths are a Japanese doily pattern with just a simple crochet lace trim added on as a cheery bright hangloop & the bottom cloths were made using a free pattern called diamond dishcloth by TKroCrafts & they have a built in hanghole!

I have always appreciated beautifully useful items and for me, a hand knit or crocheted dishcloth embodies that simplicity. It’s useful, has purpose & at the same time can be outrageously pretty, fun or unusual. It doesn’t have to be the traditional square or round shape, I can have it in whatever colors I am in love with at the time. It’s eco friendly, strong & reusable, I can gift something that everyone will use. Even better, I make it with my 2 hands in an afternoon of delight, perfect!

Again there is a Ravelry forum full of fun chatter, pattern inspiration & photos for this swap right here.

6 thoughts on “2012 DISHCLOTH SWAP

  1. Amanda! This is a PERFECT explanation of the swap! I don’t know how you will top last year’s dishcloths! Both of your entries were so beautiful.


    1. Maybe I should knit this year? I prefer to use knit dishcloths, but don’t prefer to make them! ..I am such a so slow knitter!

      How are you going to top your mitered cross squares? They were intensely beautiful & very time consuming!



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