I like a tidy house, my siblings & I were raised in a clean house by a mom who was a “cleaner”.  I don’t think anyone LOVES to clean, but you get a sort of satisfying feeling once your done and everything is shiny fresh & the toilets aren’t frightening. You soon forget the hot sweaty scrubbing, cobwebby hairballs & crusty messes you had to clean up. In my house we normally tidy up all through the week, so there isn’t so much of a MAJOR all-in-one cleaning day (like when I was a kid). My house gets messy, but a quick shuffle of “stuff” to a new temporary “hidden” location and we are company ready! 

Like I said my mom is a cleaner, although she has settled down over the years, she still loves a good cleaning cloth and of all the amazing colors & styles of dishcloths I could make my mom, she prefers this simple go to washboard rag and as always, wants it worked up in stain hiding colors (lets face it handmade dishcloths never look as good after the 1st wash..let alone the 100th!)

♥ A vintage washboard look gives these dishcloths a classic utilitarian style. Designed to be easy enough for the beginner or distraction prone group crocheting!
♥ This practical pattern uses exactly one 14oz cone of big box store cotton to produce 12 cotton washboards!
♥ Perfect gifts for everyone in the family! Also great gift starter bundles for new babies, weddings, housewarming, friends or for kids off to college!
♥ It’s FREE! ..because I love you guys!

Oh! Mr. Bundles…we love you! …but would love your laundry services even more!

*you can download the FREE pdf pattern, and add it to your Ravelry favorites/library right here!

7 thoughts on ““Mr. Bundles” COTTON WASHBOARDS

  1. love these knitted dishcloths they are great! I make the old stand by granny style but these are lovely thanks! <3 love the photos :D zinnia234 on rav.

  2. My oh my! I took a crochet 30 years ago when I lived in Hawaii. My instructor was Japanese and taught me how to make Tabi slippers, with one big toe. Have not tried crocheting ever since. Couple months ago some friends and I were vacationing in Lake Charlevoix and went to a local “farmer’s market”. I couldn’t resist buying a set of three crocheted dishcloths; they were just so pretty! Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of trying crochet again. When I found a big cone of cotton thread on the clearance rack at my big box store, again, I could not resist. Imagine my delight when searching for a simple dish cloth instructions I come across Mr. Bundles, in the EXACT SAME COLOR as my thread! Just started row eight of my first dish cloth, and it looks pretty good! Thank you so ever much!


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