Dishcloth Diva & GIVEAWAY

I don’t know if I would classify myself as a diva, but I am someone who is very passionate about utilitarian splendor and kitchen makes, quality over quantity, and the simple life choice that I want to wake up and fill my day with beautiful things that bring me lots & lots of happy.   Oh howContinue reading “Dishcloth Diva & GIVEAWAY”

I’m cool like that…

Owls, are they hot right now? I didn’t notice… It seems they rank right up there with gnomes, mushrooms, squirrels & acorns (well any cute woodland creature), nesting dolls and many, many other kitschy, get the hell outta here, that is crazy awesome, gotta have all the happy making things, things! I don’t like to admit itContinue reading “I’m cool like that…”

under + over + on

UNDER is for underpants ..yes I made a brief potholder! No pattern, just an idea that went somewhere :) OVER as in I’m all over in love with these dishcloths, they make me freaky happy!  I was nervous committing to a knit cloth for the dishcloth swap, I’m such a pokey knitter & I thought for sure I would get sick ofContinue reading “under + over + on”