March Special

March has always been special, mostly because it’s my birthday month and I am a total present & cake HOG!

But this year is little different for me, I’m turning 40 ..dang at one time that seemed so old! I’ve been blissfully in love with the boy I met when I was just a girl and we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart (aww I love you!) We created an unbelievable daughter who is our best parts gathered into one, who bravely left the familiar comfort of the Midwestern landscape, headed East to find what completes her and is becoming more and more absolutely incredible in every way (and I am handling it so much better with each passing day ..happily with much less woe!) I am in such a fantastic place and want to be even more grand from here out ♥

Lets begin with a SALE!! 25% off NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE & WESTSIDE APARTMENT patterns neither, either or both!

NOTE: this sale is only set to work in my ravelry shop, at checkout choose buy it now or add to cart, then click “use a coupon code” and enter BIRTHDAY :)

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In other fantastic Marchy things, I’m excited to announce that I’m featured in the March volume of Knitsy Magazine (Knitsy issue18). I always thought my self-descriptive of “I live in a tiny little house, in a tiny little town, my life is calm and quiet ..I am perfectly content being a bore.” was really pretty accurate and that no one would ever be interested in me or my silly junk ..well, thank you so much guys xoxo

warmer things

The soap is warmer, now that it has a bity apron dress to wear! I am kind of ridiculously infatuated with these little dishcloth dresses

(I absolutely love the tiny little bath off our bedroom upstairs, it’s old porcelain and crazy crooked and wonderfully perfect ♥)

My neck is warmer (for the moment completely Swallowed up in gorgeousness) I am only modeling this, it is actually a purpley snuggley infinty hug I made for my mom ♥

I am so romanced by all things Cabernet

My mouth is warmer with hot cider and crisp salted apple slices mini cider doughnuts, no buttery popcorn, no handmade caramel dip, not even any crab apples (well we would have gotten these if they had any!) it was not normal for us to be leaving the orchard with only our 2 sacks of apples, we must still be sorting out the offness of just being a cute couple again ♥ we did grab one hand dipped taffy apple to be boxed up and shipped out to Lex (we didn’t forget you!)

Warmer hands and more leaves, acorns and walnuts than ever (go go squirrles!) I love making cute mittens but totally hate raking leaves!

Atwater Mittens in candy colored malabrigo ..oh my goodness the pretty cuffery and beautifully romantic thumb increases these have ♥

I should have kept these warmer (we actually had our first few snowflakes on Tuesday!) beautiful mums from my beautiful sister ..sadly I may have already killed them …I tired not to, really I did ♥

My heart is warmer knowing our lovely girl is doing everything we could have ever wished for her to do with her life, adjusting fearlessly to a big bustling city (low flying fighter jets rumbling overhead on their way to Fenway Park to commence the opening of the world series just a few blocks away!) loving her first job working with children in Boston’s jumpstart program, busy school filled days & heavy homework filled nights, dive-in-theatres (late night swims in the school pool, while they project a movie on the wall, they watched JAWS!) spending a lazy Saturday in Salem walking in some of our nations oldest cemeteries, enjoying street fairs, witch trials, wax figures and deep-fried veggies!