Oh Pretty!

© AMANDA OCHOCKI + chalklegs skyline from porch

Storm brewing, we enjoy the lukewarm spring evenings and beautiful cotton candy view from the cozy shelter of the porch.

I am lusty for the frosting texture, natural cotton always looks so doughy, I LOVE IT!

The pattern is called Fluffy Meringue Blanket (how sweet & accurate!)

I only worked the first 8 rounds to get a dishcloth size and it still turned out kinda big, right around 9”.

I took creative liberty on the last few rounds. ♥

3 thoughts on “Oh Pretty!

  1. Your dishcloths are beautiful. I’m swapping too, but I’m a pretty novice crocheter and just followed a pattern I found on Rav. I hope I get one from you or Ellen Bloom—I follow both of your blogs.



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