I’m cool like that…

Owls …are they hot right now? I didn’t notice…

It seems they rank right up there with gnomes, mushrooms, squirrels & acorns (well any cute woodland creature), nesting dolls and many, many other kitschy, get the hell outta here, that is crazy awesome, gotta have all the happy making things, things!  ..I don’t like to admit it but on occasion I can fall pretty deep into the “it’s hot, it’s hip, everybody’s getting it” hole! I don’t always buy into it, but sometimes I make things inspired by it! ..and yes I do want a iPad.

Lately it’s been owls allsorts, both of these were hooked using the same ingenious pattern (Macramé Style Hanging Owl) just made using different materials. In the top one I use hemp beading cord (looking & smelling all 1970’s) & on the bottom one I used cotton yarn for a dishwashing kitchen owl. (with handy hang-loop:)


Watching the Olympics with Lex, I created my own mini British invasion by crocheting an English Kettle Holder ..what a perfect start for a proper pot of tea, I’ll take mine with milk & 2 lumps please.

..whatever it is I think I see, becomes a pot-hol-der to me! I can’t get enough of the kitchen stuff or the Russian doll synchronized swimmers ..that completely rocked my world!

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