I’m cool like that…

Owls, are they hot right now? I didn’t notice…

It seems they rank right up there with gnomes, mushrooms, squirrels & acorns (well any cute woodland creature), nesting dolls and many, many other kitschy, get the hell outta here, that is crazy awesome, gotta have all the happy making things, things! I don’t like to admit it but on occasion I can fall pretty deep into the “it’s hot, it’s hip, everybody’s getting it” hole, I don’t always buy into it, but sometimes I make things inspired by it and yes I do want a iPad.

Lately it’s been owls, both of these were hooked using the same ingenious pattern (Macramé Style Hanging Owl) just made using different materials. In the top one I use hemp beading cord & on the bottom one I used cotton yarn for a dishwashing kitchen owl. (with handy hang-loop:)


Watching the Olympics with Lex, I created my own mini British invasion by crocheting an English Kettle Holder, what a perfect start for a proper pot of tea, I’ll take mine with milk & 2 lumps please.

Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a pot-hol-der to me! I can’t get enough of the kitchen stuff or the synchronized swimmers!

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