1-17-17 things

I am starting the new year off just so, with blank slates and no dates ♥
1-1-17 is starting out fresh! ..so much so I haven't even calendared it in yet! Made this years notebook with linen writing paper in baronial ivory 😍 seems to have a bit of a slick finish, it may be the year of the smudge? . . . . #planneraddict #penaddict #stationery #kawaii #pen #travelersjournal #bulletjournal #notebook #plannerstickers #cutepens #instagood #makersgonnamake #minimalist #make #darlingmovement #showmeyourplanner #handmadeparade #amandaochocki #paper #journal #onmydesk #diary #lettering #ephemera #plannerlife #knittersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #bujolove #japanstyle #ink

I made some notebooks and a new calendar for my planner using a lovely classic linen writing paper in the most perfect ivory hue ♥

My stapler is a shifty asshole though, so my alignment is always a little off, but I’m going to look at it like it’s my hidden signature, like how they could trace type to a specific typewriter by certain repeatable dropped letters. (#notanotebookspy)

A few birthdays have officially been entered on the pages and I’m almost 100% positive I will screw up numbering the boxes and it will again be a calendar of smudges & scribbles :)

Linen Loop, today, tomorrow, next week, always♥

Taking a moment to personally thank snapchat for blurred selfies with well manicured brows, buffed porcelain skin and weirdly applied lipstick filters.

Spending some of my blank slate dateless days digging through old button jars. I literally buy every tin, baggie and box I come across (really I do!), it makes me sad to think that someone took the time to save them for years and years and now they are being tossed away ..so naturally I scoop them all up and add them to my collection ..don’t worry I got you grandma ♥

(I am kind of surprised though at how many grannies just cut the dang buttons off the worn out clothes! Half of my button hoard consists of janky fabric scraps and wads of thread!)

Turning some of the shell buttons into these cute little stitch marker charms

and then adding those onto these cute little stitch marker charm clips, along with vintage pearls, bits of necklace chain, and a leather fringy thing to be used as an optional essential oil diffuser.

I’ve put gram dogs old license on mine ♥

3 thoughts on “1-17-17 things

  1. I have the same buttons with janky fabric scraps attached, and when gram was alive, she could tell stories about the outfits. Which they wore out. No disposable clothing for them!



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